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Trust Your Valuables to Olde World Movers Antique and Piano Movers in Dallas and Fort Worth By Seo Manager

  in Travel | Published 2011-05-02 01:29:16 | 135 Reads | Unrated


With over 20 years of experience, Olde World Movers is a well-established moving company in the DFW metroplex. We excel in high quality relocations within both the commercial and residential melds.

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When you decide to move, picking a mover can be a very nerve-wracking decision. You want to make sure you choose one that has experience moving furniture and belongings, especially if you have many irreplaceable valuables and antiques. Olde World Movers has the experience, knowhow and the reputation of being some of the best antique and piano movers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Olde World Movers has an impeccable reputation for satisfying their customers; many of whom recommend their services to friends and colleagues after having used them for their own moves.
When you have a home full of fine furnishings, antiques and possibly a piano, you want a mover with the skill to treat your belongings as if they were their own. Olde World Movers antique and piano movers in Dallas Fort Worth are experts when it comes to securely packing delicate pieces of furniture, as well as cumbersome pianos, working hard to avoid damaging any of your valuable pieces. They are the antique and piano movers in Dallas/Fort Worth used by some of the most avid antique collectors in the area. Their antique and piano movers provide door-to-door service for your precious heirlooms, packing those most securely to absolutely minimize any chance of damage. Olde World's piano movers are specially trained when it comes to moving all types of pianos. Whether they're a grand, baby grand, upright, player, spinet or console pianos, you can be sure that Olde World piano movers will handle your precious instrument with the greatest of care, transporting it to where it needs to go in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
If your home is full of antique furnishings and valuable artwork, you want to be sure to hire antique movers who will protect your belongings with the utmost care. Olde World antique movers have over two decades of experience as antique movers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area; they make sure your cherished heirlooms are moved from Point A to Point B securely. Their world-class antique movers are packing experts, treating your valuables with the utmost care. If your collection includes small figurines, crystal and other pieces that need to be specially packed in boxes, Olde World Movers antique movers will do it for you, or recommend the proper materials for you to do it yourself. Their antique movers will drop off the proper packing materials and double-check that they are properly packed before moving them anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can even hire Olde World's antique movers to unpack your items once they have reached their destination, to make sure they are not damaged. It is the job of their expert antique movers to ensure that the condition your pieces were in when they left your previous residence, it the condition they arrive in at your new residence.
To learn more about Olde World Movers antique movers and piano movers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, visit their Web site at oldeworldmovers. You can get a free estimate and learn more about how their antique movers and piano movers will treat your precious belongings with extra-special care when they are transported through the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Olde World Movers is a well-established moving company in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We excel in high quality relocations within the commercial and residential melds. Our services are available for individuals and business owners in the DFW area. For more information please visit


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