Types of Garage Doors: Get Your Pick! By William F. Gabriel

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As there are several choices of materials for garage doors; there are also several types of them There are two general categories of garage doors, the tilt-ups and the section roll-ups

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As there are several choices of materials for garage doors; there are also several types of them. There are two general categories of garage doors, the tilt-ups and the section roll-ups. Each category, further branch outs into several types. Under tilt-up garage doors are the following types: canopy garage door, retractable garage door; swing-hung garage door; or the up-and-over garage door. For the roll-ups category, here are the common types: sectional garage doors; overhead garage door; and the roller garage door.

Tilt-up garage doors are those types which swing upward to ope
n, and slides parallel into the garage ceiling. Tilt-up garage doors are space-consuming. Hence, the fa├žade of the garage should be spacious to allow the door to swing up. This provides a bigger entrance space for vehicles. These types are ideal for spacious garage area as for huge household garage and commercial garage. These can also be installed easily, hassle-free.

The canopy garage door is one of the tilt-up types. Unlike the common tilt-up types, when it opens, it leaves 1/3 of the door hanging up exposed outside the garage. It works just like the common house door. This type however, guarantees maximum security. Hence, it is most likely ideal for luxury cars garage. It is just not recommended for automation.

Another tilt-up type is the retractable garage door. Recommended for spacious garage, this type goes with the usual tilt-up magic. The door swings upward and slides parallel into the garage ceiling. The car inside can park in front of the door as it goes out of the garage but not too close. Compared to the canopy type, retractable door is pulled back to the garage ceiling. It can also be automated.

Some other tilt-ups types are swing-hung and over and above garage doors. These can be fully automated. Also, the car can not park too close to the door. These are just like the usual tit-up types.

On the other hand, the roll-up garage doors are those which vertically move upward through a rolling system into the garage roof. These are the space-saving types of garage doors since the roll-up types do not consume the front space when it opens. Thus, the car can park close to the door as it opens. Types of garage doors under the roll-up category are recommended for non-spacious garage area. Oftentimes, these types are automated electronically even through a remote control.

One type of roll-ups is the sectional garage type. The name suggests the type of door, as it is divided in panel s/sections. These panels move vertically upward as the door opens and is stored through a rolling system. This is ideal for limited garage area. This type is usually automated.

The roller garage door is another roll-up type. This is one state-of-the art type which uses remote control to open and close the door. The driver no longer goes out of the car to facilitate the door opening or closing. Also, it is advisable for garage with narrow driveway.

Lastly, the overhead garage door is also a roll-up type. It uses a rolling system to pull upward the door and roll it into a drum by the garage roof. It is electronically automated making it easier to facilitate entrance and exit of vehicles.

Indeed, there are multiple choices of garage door types for multiple needs and demands. The two basic categories are the tilt-ups and the roll-ups. Look for a category that could serve you better, and then pick from the different types which will suit you best.



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