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Types of Markets By wasim rizwan

  in Finances | Published 2018-05-02 05:26:35 | 210 Reads | Unrated


1) Equity : It is kind of market in which in you can trade on company’s shares when a company has a shortage of fund they issue shares and value of which sometimes increase and sometimes

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  Basically There are 3 types of markets in India Equity, Ncdex ,  MCX

  1. Equity :

It is kind ofmarket in which in you can trade on company’s shares when acompanyhas a shortageof fund theyissue shares and value ofwhichsometimesincrease and sometimesdecreases. It is not that you have to buy these shares directly from companies, second owner are also available in market or also third owner and so on. Based on these dataprofitor loss is calculated. Similarly in commodity also all commodities prices somet

imes increase and sometimesdecrease .


  1. MCX:

 It refers to multi commodity exchange . It is a platform for commodity traders to trade online. We trade on metals like gold , silver, copper,  zinc, Aluminium,  another part of MCX is energy. We trade on natural gas,  crude oil.  Trading is done on lots like you will have to buy this much of KG and you can’t buy less than this. Another part of MCX is energy traded on natural gas & crude oil .

  1. NCDEX :

 It is a kind of market in which trading is done on agri products like soyabean, jeera, chana etc. As MCX trading is done on lots in NCDEX. And if you want you can have physical delivery also but most of the people don’t want to take physical delivery. To learn and for earning through these markets you need advisors .  There are so many advisory companies which provide commodity tips free trial  to learn basics of commodity market from which you can do paper trading.

  1. Energy :

It is very expensive and confusing trading because people think how can they buy crude oil & gas how much amount should they invest for all those confusion advisors are there in market who will teach you a lot about this.

They have varities of services like stock futures tips, nifty tips, equity tips, NCDEX tips.  As a legal advisor provides advice similarly advisory companies provide advice of share market. On the basis of these many people are earning good profit through this, because it has become vast in India and increasing day by day even a poor people is earning enough money .

     So all in all it is the best source of earning extra income.

  Wasim Rizwan [DIGITAL MARKETING EXECUTIVE] Ways2capital helps its customers  through its services by introducing number of new services, Stock tips, agri tips, Commodity tips, forex tips , Stock option tips and technical support during market hours.

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