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USA Payment Solutions provides expert merchant processing services and have aligned with multiple payment processing companies to find the best cost solutions to meet his/her merchant processing needs.

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USA Payment Solutions provides superior merchant processing services coupled with best in industry pricing. The company was founded by Mark and Laurie Henry and has been serving merchants throughout the United States since 2002. The business philosophy of USA Payment Solutions is simple: give clients the best pricing the industry offers and superior customer service. Its number one source of new clients is from existing client referrals. USA Payment Solutions has strategically aligned with multiple payment processing companies and consults with the client to find the lowest cost soluti
on to meet his/her merchant processing needs.

USA Payment Solutions' unique combination of exclusive, industry leading technology, award winning customer service, same day approval and competitive rates separate it from other merchant processing companies. USA Payment Solutions offers the following services: Retail, MOTO, Ecommerce, wireless, free state of the art terminals, free Account setup, free Electronic Cash Registers w/ integrated processing, POS Systems for Retail and Hospitality, 24/7 Toll-Free Support [in-house], Online Statements and Interactive Transaction System, Check Guarantee & Conversion, free Gift & Loyalty Cards, Cash Advance Funding and ATM Services.

When conducting business face to face, accepting credit cards is a necessity. State of the art terminals and POS equipment insure that the business runs smoothly with customer service representatives always available 24/7.

Mail Order / Phone
If the client is a MOTO merchant [Mail Order Telephone Order], the credit cards are collected where the customer and credit card are not physically present at the time of purchase. UBC has multiple solutions for this type of processing, from terminals to software to dial pay.

Accepting credit cards online can dramatically increase sales and give the client's business the boost it needs to succeed. With the help of an online merchant account and credit card payment gateway, the client can give his/her customers the option to purchase goods with the click of the mouse, at any time, day or night, no matter the business size.

To conduct business in the field, the client needs to be able to accept payment anywhere. USA Payment Solutions offers a complete line of solutions for mobile merchants or any business that wants the added flexibility wireless credit card processing offers. Whatever the business size, USA Payment Solutions has an appropriate wireless credit card processing and merchant account solution.

USA Payment Solutions specializes in merchant processing services but it also offers a wide range of other products and services which add value to its customers: QuickBooks Plug-In, Check Processing, Gift & Loyalty Cards, Cash Advance Funding and ATM services. It offers many terminal options for the client's convenience. The client may purchase or take advantage of the free terminal placement.

USA Payment Solutions is located at 3600 Dallas Hwy, Ste 230, Marietta, GA 30064 with office tel. no.# 770-426-9553, toll free# 800-993-8942 or fax# 866-222-1185. The client can email: or fill out the form at the website and one of its sales representatives will contact the client shortly. For more information on the best priced and superior merchant processing services visit: Usapaymentsolutions.

USA Payment Solutions is a payment processing company offering merchant services to businesses. Our merchant processing solutions include retail, ecommerce, wireless, and check processing solutions. For more information, please visit



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