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Useful services about payment gateway for college By kabir khan

  in Business | Published 2015-04-08 01:31:17 | 92 Reads | Unrated


A set of new technologies of payment gateway for college has come along that, along with the need for more efficient and affordable computing, has enabled an on-demand system to develop. It is these enabling technologies that are the focal point of this book.

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Cloud computing refers to applications and services that run on a distributed network using virtualized resources and accessed by common Internet protocols and networking standards. It is distinguished by the notion that resources are virtual and limitless and that details of the physical systems on which software runs are abstracted from the user.

In an effort to better describe cloud computing, a number of cloud types have been defined. In this chapter, you learn about two different classes of clouds: those based on the deployment model and those based on the service

f="" target="_blank">payment gateway for school model. The deployment model tells you where the cloud is located and for what purpose. Public, private, community, and hybrid clouds are deployment models.

Service models describe the type of service that the service provider is offering. The best-known service models are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service—the SPI model. The service models build on one another and define what a vendor must manage and what the client's responsibility is.

Cloud computing represents a real paradigm shift in the way in which systems are deployed. The massive scale of cloud computing systems was enabled by the popularization of the Internet and the growth of some large service companies. Cloud computing makes the long-held dream of utility computing possible with a pay-as-you-go, infinitely scalable, universally available system. With cloud computing, you can start very small and become big very fast. That's why cloud computing is revolutionary, even if the technology it is built on is evolutionary.

Not all applications benefit from deployment in the cloud. Issues with latency, transaction control, and in particular security and regulatory compliance are of particular concern.

Cloud computing takes the technology, services, and applications that are similar to those on the Internet and turns them into a self-service utility. The use of the word "cloud" makes reference to the two essential concepts:

• Abstraction: Cloud computing abstracts the details of system implementation from users and developers. Applications run on physical systems that aren't specified, data is stored in locations that are unknown, administration of systems is outsourced to others, and access by users is ubiquitous.

• Virtualization: Cloud computing virtualizes systems by pooling and sharing resources. Systems and storage can be provisioned as needed from a centralized infrastructure, costs are assessed on a metered basis, multi-tenancy is enabled, and resources are scalable with agility.

Computing as a utility is a dream that dates from the beginning of the computing industry itself. A set of new technologies of payment gateway for college has come along that, along with the need for more efficient and affordable computing, has enabled an on-demand system to develop. It is these enabling technologies that are the focal point of this book.

Many people mistakenly believe that cloud computing is nothing more than the Internet given a different name. Many drawings of Internet-based systems and services depict the Internet as a cloud, and people refer to applications running on the Internet as "running in the cloud," so the confusion is understandable. The Internet has many of the characteristics of what is now being called cloud computing. The Internet offers abstraction, runs using the same set of protocols and standards, and uses the same applications and operating systems. These same characteristics are found in an intranet, an internal version of the Internet. When an intranet becomes large enough that a diagram no longer wishes to differentiate between individual physical systems, the intranet too becomes identified as a cloud.

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