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VDS Property Mart - Expansion Planning on the cards By tyagi akansha

  in Real Estate | Published 2018-04-13 03:57:26 | 223 Reads | Unrated


Real estate is considered the best bet in India and this sector in India is expected to grow at very fast pace by 2020. VDS Property Mart will make most of this opportunity entering to new markets.

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Real estate is considered the best bet in India and this sector in India is expected to grow at very fast pace by 2020. A very important part of this sector is brokerage services industry (facilitation of buying and selling process between two parties), which is also increasing at very fast pace, same as this industry. Citing such opportunity, leading

real estate firm, VDS Property Mart India Pvt. Ltd. is expanding its network of offices in the country. The Ghaziabad Headquartered real-estate service provider said "it will focus largely on residential brokerage business both in primary and secondary sales verticals in India". "both primary and secondary sales are showing sustained demand. India is a large market and we will be expanding cautiously in most of the performing locations,” Mr. Vikram Sharma, Director, VDS Property Mart India PVT. Ltd told our reporter. 


Speaking on real estate brokerage business, Mr. Sharma further added that, “strong demand by end users in the residential property have boosted us to expand to other locations of country.” He added, “Information Technology, Pharma & financial sector is growing at consistent rate and hence generating good demand for residential properties. We are foreseeing the continuation in growth momentum in coming years”. Currently the company is operating in Bangalore, Vadodara, Noida, and Ghaziabad and has plans to open new offices in the cities like Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Vizag etc. opening of such branch offices will take the company closer to its clients.


Mr. Sharma also added further, “We are observing growth in NRI segment also for last few quarters, and the reason is, the clients based in the Middle East, US, UK, Singapore are also keen to invest in residential properties in India because they don't have much investment options, within the region they are currently staying. Bangalore is very important market with that perspective because most of the IT force is looking-forward towards the city for future both career wise as well as good option for stay wise, which in turn is generating huge demand for residential properties in Bangalore.  With an aim to represent clients and helping in fulfilling their needs related to properties, we will continue to work aggressively in Bangalore and will also be adding client base from global markets. VDS Property Mart India PVT. Ltd currently operating from two offices in Bangalore and is expanding the sales force in the city. The company considers knowledge as a critical part of what we offer our clients. In our company we monitor the current trends of the market based on that trends we help our clients to make property related decisions. With help of a well equipped and very experienced property research team, we prepare real estate market reports on quarterly basis.” 





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