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Visa rules and regulations updates - Contact Sanctum Consulting By Sudeesh Kumar

  in Travel | Published 2017-02-17 12:58:58 | 79 Reads | Unrated


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A deal could be done between Australia and the UK that would alter the visa requirements in return for a promising trade deal when the country leaves the European Union, it has been suggested.

Australia’s high commissioner to the UK, Alexander Downer, has confirmed that a deal is possible within eight months of the UK actually leaving the EU, which would be sometime in 2019. The official leaving process begins when the UK triggers what is known as Article 51, which Prime Minister Theresa May has said will happen by the end of March.

It is probable that even the UK

may also pursue visa changes for skilled workers moving to Australia as there have been indications that visa rules could be set to get tougher for the skilled occupation list, for example, to be cut significantly.

May has already visited India where trade and visas would have been on the agenda and she has said she will begin talks to strike a trade deal with New Zealand in the coming months.

Downer told the BBC that Australia’s access for businesses had often been a part of its free trade negotiations. ‘For example, an Australian company that invests in the UK might want to bring some of its executives to the UK,’ he said.

‘That can be done with what are called tier 2 visas, but maybe that could be made a little bit easier. I suspect they would be the only sort of changes you’d be looking at,’ he added.

Downer suggested the negotiations over visa arrangements should be discussed at the same time as striking a deal on the free movement of goods. ‘Obviously once the UK leaves the EU it can negotiate free trade agreements but not before then. But we can scope it out and we’ve provided a scoping paper to the British government to explain what we think the scope of a free trade agreement should look like,’ he added.

To know more about the Australia and UK visa process from India click on the site and


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