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What Should You Consider when Purchasing or Replacing a Spa Pump? By ted mark

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A spa pump comes in varied speed levels and power that determines the efficiency of these pumps, when performing their job to the pools.

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A spa pump comes in varied speed levels and power that determines the efficiency of these pumps, when performing their job to the pools. Rated in horsepower, the power of spa pumps can go upto three or even more, whereas, the speed level runs in somewhere around one-two speeds. Such a pump with three horsepower is just the best for a huge spa. A level two speed pump would be a better choice as it is expected to offer gentle massaging performance for the spa. These pumps are available with the companies that supply hot tub heater. While purchasing one of such pumps, you must know about a few things regarding them, especially when you are trying to restore or replace it.

Anatomy of Spa Pump

A spa pump has two major parts, which are wet end and dry end. The wet end moves the water, whereas the dry end moves the impeller. Just because these two portions are separate, you can replace either the wet end or else the motor. Well, if the pump is of 2 to 3 years old or even more than that, it is always recommended to replace the total thing.

When going for a replacement of the whole spa hot tub heater pump you should consider the following things:

What exactly is horsepower of a pump that you are planning to replace? Though, a different horsepower pump can be used in the place of the original one, the water pressure is bound to get affected.

What should be the speed of your pump?

Generally the pump should either be one or two speed. And if you are unable to locate the pump’s speed, you can find it by locating how much a pump normally provides water to the jets. See when you press the button whether the jets slow down or not and again pushing it takes it to higher speed or not? If it is then the pump is of a 2 speed. You can even check AMPS that is listed on your pump, if you are not yet sure. Whether it is a one speed or two speed pump you can find it there.

What is the frame of your pump?

The frame of the spa pump means the point where the bolts fitted and are the wet end is attached to the motor. If you are unable to find any indication of the frame size, then measure the thru-bolts to locate it.

What is the voltage of the spa pump you are planning to replace?

You can go through the label of the present pump or the hot tub heater owner’s manual guide to realize the voltage. This is essential to check as because spas that are equipped for 240V not always use 240V pumps, only some of them use 120V pumps.

The Size of the Pipe in the Spa

In order to find this, you will require seeing the PVC pipe in the spa and find out the pipe’s diameter. 

When you have determined this information, you are ready to look for a spa pump replacement.

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