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What are job opportunities after learning Dot NET By ravya rs

  in Jobs | Published 2017-02-17 04:38:08 | 461 Reads | Unrated


Dot net developer job openings in hyderabad on for freshers & experienced.

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Dotnet(.net) Developer Job Openings are available in Hyderabad on for freshers and experienced candidates. The best place to Search and Apply for job seekers & Employers that makes Job-Search simple and convenient. 

About .NET

.Net Developer designs, modifies, develops, writes and

Implements applications and software programming components; Supports and / or installs

Software applications and components.

The best way

to learn .NET framework is to start learning any supported .NET language like C #, F #, Visual C ++, ASP.NET MVC and WPF, Visual Basic, VB.NET, HTML / CSS, JavaScript.

I recommend starting with C # because this language is very popular compared to other languages ​​in. NET and it will be a central part of all the other technologies you learn in the .NET framework

.NET is a framework, to be .Net developer, you must have a solid foundation in .Net Framework. Then there are many technologies built above the .Net framework like ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI etc. These keep on changing and are updated regularly after a while. Because many features are included in each version.

Now if you ask me what technologies you should learn at this time, then the best answer will be that you should take a look at this official Microsoft ASP.NET website regularly. For now, I think if you are going to learn web development, then I will recommend MVC and Web API. Now, this does not mean that you should not learn If you want to be called a genuine .NET developer, you need to know all these technologies. Otherwise, you will be called MVC developer, developer ASP.NET.

So if you want to be a genuine .NET developer you should have a solid foundation in .NET framework and language (any language you like) and should never worry about any technology over it . You will have to evolve over time and experience more and more frames as this will never stop and we will continue to have newer frames and better than time passes.

What are the job openings after learning .Net?

.net has good opportunities.Many sites we build using. Net, so we can say that. Net has a very bright future and the job openings for. Net are pretty good.

The future of .net developers in India is certainly brilliant. One reason is that Microsoft has paid special attention to doing. Net popular in India. Some reports and statistics suggest that more than 80,000 jobs in .net are created every year in this country. 100 of the .net programming groups are created online exclusively by Indians, who also meet offline and share their knowledge, resolve doubts, and so on. In addition, with booming training institutes in every town and village, we saw that 75% Microsoft Certification.

The reason behind this increased affinity towards and popularity of. Net is that the largest technology companies in India have huge offshore software projects, which operate in number of modules for years together.

One thing is for sure, if you develop your skills in. Net today it will only help you variety in the future.

Dot net Developer Job Openings In Hyderabad



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