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What are the Benefits of Pedestal Fans & Ceiling Fans? By Nanshi Pacheco

  in Home Management | Published 2017-06-28 04:14:41 | 174 Reads | Unrated


Pedestal fans and ceiling fans offer unique advantages and are useful for different purposes in your home or office. Modern energy efficient ceiling fans have become quite popular for their benefits.

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There are different types of fans, designed to help keep you comfortable in your home or office. The table fan is one example. The ceiling fan is another. You can choose from a variety of fans for different rooms and for different reasons. This guide introduces you to each type of fan available to make your living space more comfortable.

Pedestal Fans

These types of fans are valued for their unique advantages over the ceiling fan. You can place them anywhere and the best pedestal fan

g> can have advanced feature for optimal comfort. Some of the main advantages of using these fans include the following:

  • These fans can be placed anywhere. You don't have to fix them.
  • All you need is a power outlet to use these fans
  • Because they are portable, you can remove them when not in use. This can help save space.
  • These fans can also be pointed in any direction you want.

A table fan is ideally suited for rooms where it is not possible to install a ceiling fan. Some rooms can have low ceilings and in some cases it may require making some changes to the room to have a fan installed on the ceiling.

A personal fan is an excellent addition to any home. It is compact, portable and easy to use. You can easily carry it anywhere and place it anywhere – on the desk or countertop.

Ceiling Fans

Today, ceiling fans are not just about elegance. They are much more efficient and help create more comfortable spaces. There are many advantages of using energy efficient ceiling fans:

  • Save on Power Bills: Modern ceiling fans are lightweight and are designed to operate using minimal electric power. Using them in place of air conditioning further helps reduce your power bills.
  • Use along with the Air Conditioning: Another advantage of using ceiling fans is that they can be used along with the air conditioner. The fan will circulate the cool air better and improve the comfort levels in the space. It can also reduce the duration for which the AC needs to be on. This can further help in increasing cost savings.
  • Use Year-round: You can use energy efficient ceiling fans around the year. These fans are not just meant to create cooler environments. You can also use them in the winter at slower speeds to ensure that the warm air from the heater circulates well in the room.

Some ceiling fans are designed to operate in both directions. Such fans are ideal for use in both summer and winter months.

Both the table fan and ceiling fan are meant for different applications. Ceiling fans are fixed in place and don't allow flexibility in terms of where you can use them. However, they have other practical advantages which cannot be matched by other options. Pedestal fans are available in both small and large sizes and offer portability, allowing you to use them both indoors and outdoors. So consider all these benefits before choosing the right fans for your needs.



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