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What do Orthodontists Say about Indirect Tooth Bonding? By Ryan Daniel

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In order to make the process of getting braces as painless and smooth as possible, and to keep patients happy, dental technology has introduced the technique of indirect tooth bonding.

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In order to make the process of getting braces as painless and smooth as possible, and to keep patients happy, dental technology has introduced the technique of indirect tooth bonding. With indirect bonding, braces are installed quicker and there is proper bracket placement on each tooth. What does this mean? You will spend less time in the chair are braces are bonded to your teeth, and less time dealing with those cheek retractors that hold your mouth wide open.


The practice of indirect tooth bonding starts with getting a mold of the teeth, a process that will on

ly take a few minutes and will give your dentist an exact replica of your mouth. Once the mold is taken, it is delivered to the lab where a 1:1 model of the teeth is made. The dentist will then properly position every bracket on every tooth of the mold. The final step is when a custom tray is made that will allow the dentist to transfer the brackets from the lab model onto your own teeth.


With the dentist taking time to put the brackets in their rightful position on the lab model, the difficult process of putting orthodontic brackets right on the teeth is eliminated. At the same time, it is more comfortable, will take less time, and causes fewer loose brackets for the patient. When the custom tray is finished, the braces is ready for installation. You will go back to the office to fit the custom tray and get the braces attached all at once, so the whole process can be finished in as little as 15 minutes.


Indirect tooth bonding is mostly more accurate compared to the traditional way of applying brackets since the brackets are applied on a lab model that can be rotated in any way to properly visualize every angle and detail. The precise positioning of every bracket allows dentists to start right from the very first day of the treatment, accurately moving the teeth and giving a quicker and smoother orthodontic treatment experience for both you and the dentist.


The adhesives used to apply the brackets to the teeth are also done in a manner that is consistent and methodical, which allows for a more systematic process of bonding. And because the process is quicker, there is also less chance for saliva to contaminate the brackets and possibly compromise the entire bonding process. Thus, every bracket is securely and properly attached in less time, and so there are less loose brackets during the entire span of the treatment.


This revolutionary application technique us a growing trend, but not all dentists practice this kind of method yet as it requires additional training and experience. If you have any questions about indirect tooth bonding, talk to your dentist and ask if this method is the right choice for your treatment plan. If it is not, then there is still other orthodontic techniques that they can use to give you that healthy and beautiful smile in an easy, convenient and comfortable way.



Pargat Singh :Indirect bonding helps make treatment easier than ever! it eliminates the difficult process of placing orthodontic brackets directly on the teeth.

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