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Who Needs A Lithium Screwdriver? By Jeffrey Richard

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Who needs a lithium screwdriver You Do

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Who needs a lithium screwdriver? You Do! Lithium screwdrivers have only been out for a couple of years but you now see them all over. With the introduction of lithium battery technology, these small but powerful tools are becoming a must have for many tradesman and hobbyists alike.

Take for instance an electrician or low voltage contractor. These techs not only drill and install but a good portion of their job each day is loosening and tightening screws for their install work. Think how many faceplate screws, emt connectors and light fixtures an electrician tightens each day. A
lithium screwdriver is the perfect tool not only to speed up his day but also reduce possible wrist problems after a few years.

Think about an cabinet installer. Any given day he installs hinges, knobs and slide. Most of these are installed with small number six screws. You just don’t need the 18 volt Makita to set these small screws. Most of these types of fastenings are done both in tight corners and on finished product. You need something small and light to get into these spots and not damage the finished product. A lithium screwdriver fit’s the bill. Most lithium screwdrivers have a light that comes on with just a touch of the trigger that lights up any dark areas you may find inside a cabinet.

There are endless types of assembly work that will benefit from use of a cordless lithium screwdriver. Many of assembly jobs have been using cordless screwdrivers for years. The same old complaint not enough power or run time comes up. A lithium screwdriver not only is lighter and has more run time, they get more charge cycles than standard NiCad cordless screwdrivers. When you run these tools all day, that is a big deal.

Hobbyist have always love cordless screwdrivers and they really love lithium screwdrivers. While many of the first tools available were expensive and intended only for the contractors, many less expensive models are on the market today and are finding their way into many hobbyists hands. Any hobby from model railroads, radio control, woodworking and model building will be easier and more fun with a lithium screwdriver at the ready.

As mentioned above many less expensive drivers are the market now so many home owners are keeping one around for any number of small projects around the house. Even if you don’t use it a lot, just a couple of minutes on the charger will usually give you enough run time to hang a picture or install a new fixture. Now that I think about it, I may want a second less expensive unit in my RV.

Don’t rush out and by the cheapest lithium screwdriver you can find, think about what you are going to do with it. If you are a contractor or assembly worker who is going to use it day in and day out, the cheaper units just aren’t going to cut it for you. If you are a home owner who wants to have it on hand, just incase, a top of the line tool may be unnecessary . To answer the question at the start, who needs a lithium screwdriver? You do!



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