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Why Is Hiring an Independent Registered Address Service for Your Busin By J. Sandy

  in Business | Published 2016-08-08 08:06:05 | 217 Reads | Unrated


Hiring a professional registered address service for your business is a much more prudent choice than naming an individual to act as your registered agent. Read this article to find out why.

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Businesses in the Texas need to adhere to various laws and regulations and complete a host of different compliances to remain on the right side of the law. One such task is appointing a registered agent to handle all service of process formalities on behalf of the business entity. While many small scale enterprises choose to designate an officer, employee or even the business owner’s address for this purpose, hiring an independent registered address service provider will be the more recommended option. Choosing not to work with a pr

ofessional can have many unintended and often serious consequences for the business, often culminating in legal snags and losses.

Let’s Know Why It Is Beneficial For You To Hire A Professional Registered Address Service For Your Business:

#To Prevent Easy Discovery Of Assets And Enjoy Privacy:

If a person/entity chooses to sue your business in a lawsuit, their lawyer can do an ‘asset search’ at your registered agent address to see if identifiable assets exist that can be used to satisfy the court to grant a judgment in your favor. Now imagine the situation where the owner of business has been named as the registered agent. This asset search will then be carried out at their home, leading to easy discovery of assets as well as loss of privacy and anonymity. Plus, with the Secretary of State’s records going online, they can simply use your name to run a search to get information about every company for which you act as a registered agent. By using a registered address service however, you can avoid these circumstances and prevent the invasion of your privacy.

# To Avoid Service Of Process At Your Home Or Office:

Consider this scenario – an individual agrees to act as a registered agent for your business. During the holiday season, a third party takes legal action against you and hires a private process server to deliver the lawsuit papers to your company. Thinking that the individual would definitely be available at their home during this time, the process server turns up with the documents on his/her doorstep on Christmas Eve! Of course, the situation would be upsetting – for the individual as well as his/her family members. Hiring a registered address service can help you avoid such scenarios and prevent your office legal hassles from reaching someone’s home. You can even avoid the papers being served at your office this way, saving yourself considerable embarrassment and the risk of exposing the matter in front of your employees. Working with professionals is therefore, a prudent choice.

# To Avoid Potential Legal Liabilities:

Many small enterprises need to frequently change their place of business for various reasons. US state laws mandate that it is the business owner’s responsibility to notify the Secretary of State about any changes in registered address so that third parties and the IRS can send important documents. Now consider the scenario where the business owner simply forgot to notify the authorities about this change. The business will never receive service of process in lawsuits, exposing it to huge liabilities and losses in court. This situation can be easily avoided by hiring a professional registered address service who will maintain their office at the same place, ensuring your documents are properly received and you are never unaware of an impending lawsuit or legal communication.

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Rapid Registered Agent is providing professional registered address services since 2007 to a host of clients including companies, LLCs, partnership firms and multi-national corporations. Their newly developed web portal offers many unique service advantages to clients including instant notification of all notices and documents received on behalf of your business.



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