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Why should you consider galvanized steel kennels? By Brian Miller

  in Pets | Published 2016-07-13 08:57:44 | 167 Reads | Unrated


A kennel certainly offers a warmer and a nicer shelter for your pet. Kennels are secure and safe. With the materials used in the fabrication of kennels being different, the features of the kennels are also different. Galvanized kennels are getting immensely popular these days amongst the pet owners since Galvanized steel kennels offer immense benefits to the users.

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Pet homes are quite popular in the dog supplies segment. People have shifted their focus from purchasing cute kennel houses; and now are looking more for the safety and security feature for their pets. This is the sole reason why galvanized kennels have become a favorite amongst the pet owners. These are unmatched owing to a plethora of reasons. Not only are these kennels inexpensive, but are also sturdy and last for several years. There isn’t any need for spending a lot of time for maintenance of galvanized steel kennels as they are durable.     



Galvanized steel kennels have a life expectancy of fifty years. In coastal regions, the number is quite low owing to corrosion issues that may set in. However, with proper maintenance in such regions, they can be utilized for several years. Galvanized steel kennels perform very well and are reliable. A thick coating is imparted to the steel structure by the reliable companies offering galvanized steel kennels. These kennels are made of the toughest coating and this enhances the durability.    


There is a high resistance to damage in galvanized steel kennels owing to the metallurgical structure. A cathodic protection is offered to the steel structure with a galvanized coating. This kind of coating protects the sharp corners from the danger of being corroded. There isn’t any coating that can match the protection offered to the steel kennels in comparison to galvanized kennels. These are big enough to house pets without making them feel uncomfortable.


Galvanized steel kennels easily foil the possibility of damage from the outside by people with malicious intentions. Thereby, it protects the pets from any kind of potential harm when the owners aren’t around. The designers consider all the aspects while designing galvanized steel kennels. Provisions are offered to make sure the pets are comfortable. Many kennels even come with a swivel bowl. This can be emptied and filled easily. The kennels are even equipped with dishes for serving meals to the pets.


When it comes to galvanized kennels, there isn’t any need for the pet owners to stack tools for the kennels. A proper latching system is provided to the galvanized steel kennels so that when the owners aren’t around, the pets are safe in the kennel. The best thing about steel kennels is that the maintenance and cleaning are quite easy. The kennel sections and the free standing boxes can be cleaned without any hassles. Having a clean kennel wouldn’t be hard to accomplish as galvanized kennels are seldom hard to clean.        


Galvanized steel kennels come with a plethora of features. In order to make these kennels climb-resistant, they are wired appropriately. Tampering on the exterior is prevented by the progressive wiring of the kennel. The wires utilized are made of stainless steel and they are also durable. Nobody can cause any damage to the kennel with the use of a cutter. This ensures that the pet within the kennel remains safe when the pet owners aren’t around. This is the reason why one should always consider the sturdiness of kennels to make sure that the pets aren’t being exposed to any harm.    


Do you have pets at home and worry about their security? Mitton Hall Kennel Systems have years of experience in offering sturdy galvanized steel kennels. Just give them a call for having a sturdy galvanized kennel for your pet.



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