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Wine, Rum and Champagneprovning i Stockholm By emmy sule

  in Cooking | Published 2016-11-29 02:48:51 | 240 Reads | Unrated


Tasting events are no longer limited to wine. Many organizers have started to organized spirit and cheese tasting events. Spirits like rum and champagne are popular choices for tasting as there is a lot of variety available.

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Tasting events are a great way for individuals to learn more
about a food or beverage. Restaurants and eateries often organize such events to introduce people to new cuisines, alcohol, deserts, etc. It is a chance for people to make new acquaintances and share an experience. Most people are familiar with mat och vin tasting events as they have
been popularized in movies and television shows. However, tasting events are not restricted to wine. Many event comp

anies and food businesses are organizing champagne, rum and cheese tasting events. Each of these events provides individuals with a unique experience. Mentioned below is more information on these tasting events.

Rum Tasting

Spirit tasting as a whole has gained popularity over the past
few years with whiskey, cognac and scotch tasting events being organized. Rum has emerged as a popular spirit for individuals to explore. Spirits have higher alcohol content and unlike wine there is no spittoon for individual to spit out the alcohol they do not wish to consume. Thus rum tasting events can become quite raucous affairs. First timers should remember to take small sips and not allow them self to get overwhelmed during the tasting. After each type of rum is tasted, the participants take notes and discuss their thoughts. By the end of the evening most people will leave with a better understanding of rum, how aging affects the spirit and what their favorite kind is. 


All wine that sparkles is not champagne. Champagnes is a type
of sparkling wine that is made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. Some people use the word as a generic term to refer to sparkling wine. In many countries it is illegal to label any product as champagne unless it comes from the region in France and is made following specific rules of appellation. Because this wine is made with so much care, it should come as no surprise that Champagne tasting has become a popular trend. Many consider it an evolution of wine tasting.

Cheese Tasting

There are hundreds of different types of cheese made around
the world. Thanks to globalization it is not very hard for individuals to get
their hands on cheese manufactured in even the remotest parts of the world. The different types of cheese can have extremely different tastes. While some are mild and soft, others are hard and pungent. The flavours are extensive and intense. This variety has led to a rise in the number of cheese tasting events being organized around the world. Often cheese is paired with wine when organizing a food and wine tasting event. 

One restaurant that organizes wine, rum and Champagneprovning i stockholm is Aveqia. More information is available on their website.



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