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Wine Industry By Lanbo Jiang

  in Food and Drinks | Published 2010-02-11 12:51:02 | 249 Reads | Unrated


Wine industry, that the longterm, there are two meanings, first, if wine grapes used in bad health Sinong months 10 years, will not be able to reach the realm of true maturity; second wine business processes in the length of the complexity of the system is indeed episodes are hard The longterm is re flected in the wine industry for decades or even centuries into the benefit year for

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Wine industry, that the longterm, there are two meanings, first, if wine grapes used in bad health Sinong months 10 years, will not be able to reach the realm of true maturity; second wine business processes in the length of the complexity of the system is indeed episodes are hard. The longterm is reflected in the wine industry for decades or even centuries into the benefit year for. To achieve longlasting realm of longterm industry, growth assessment can not be ignored.

China's rapid economic development brought about a negative factor in the success of that impetuous: investor
s, impetuous, not wait for tomorrow, today sow harvest; operators impetuous, desperate to triumph; media impetuous pursuit were successful, Bangsha detour wander ... All this is not conducive to longterm such as the wine industry, longterm industry in the era of global economic integration to thrive. To enter the Chinese wine industry for several decades or even centuries of the benefit, you must import the international financial community recognized as an important assessment indicators growth in assessments.

Farewell "cooking wine Heroes" Three growth indicators can measure the business of science standards. One indicator of financial growth. Usually people's attention most of the time crosssectional comparisons based on peer interfirm sales and profits, this kind of "cooking wine Heroes"like crosssection evaluation often leads to enterprises as soon as earned acclaim of himself. The modern enterprise financial and economic assessment has assessed the financial growth is not only involved in sales and profits, will be sales and profit control, cash flow control and financial analysis system, at the same time placed in the maturity stage of the development of enterprises comprehensive background on the reasons, come to be able to forwardlooking financial results from continuing operations of enterprises conclusions.

Second, the brand growth objectives, including brand awareness and recognition of degrees to grow to grow. Growing awareness is easier to reach, star endorsements, advertising bombing, can quickly make a brand to win the attention of consumers, but the degree of brand recognition to grow more difficult, consumers psychologically recognized brands, to repeat the brand consumer product, take a very lot of time and effort to cultivate. Some companies tend to attach importance to recognition, not aware of the difficult growth of the brand recognition of degrees. The third growth indicators are operational growth, which is internal strength. Operations management, team building and process optimization, product line planning and pricing system for the design, channel management and terminal maintenance, from production to market, longrange coordination and operation of the shortboard elimination of a series of operations, and so are the fundamental operating growth.

Wine industry wings to fly Wine industry in China, in industries in the small proportion of the people's livelihood. Although hundreds of millions of people still attend to it "Wine Magic Cup", but with the growth nature of the assessment point of view, the market value of the wine industry is incredibly diverse, in the people's livelihood classes are fastgrowing industry, the preparation period of the "third wave of industry." Relative to the first wave of a fastgrowing light industries (in home appliances industry as the representative), the second wave of fastgrowing real estate and automobile manufacturing, as a third wave of highgrowth industries of the tourism and leisure industry and wine industry, but also thanks to the rise thanks to lifestyle changes. Red wine consumption is one of the hallmarks of modern urban life, experienced wine, learn wine, there was a continued demand for wine, forming an increasingly broad market. Although the incremental growth of this market is not suddenly a "blowout" effect, but can be expected in three to five years time, the wine industry have access to impressive status.

Chinese and foreign "wine war" needs "national marketing" "National marketing" strategy of the past one or two years the financial services sector in China, a new terminology, but the developed countries have done so for many years, Japan is by virtue of "national marketing" strategy, home appliances and automotive seeped into every corner of the world. In the wine industry, France, Chile, Australia is also a "national marketing" strategy, backed by national economic policy pillars in order to have the impact of the cost advantages to a joint corps of the organizational form of China, with high growth potential of wine the impact of the market and prepare to launch. China's market is all over the world, the world's market is also China.

Although there is still groping attack foreign wine road, the local wine for many years in the plot Weiyou the short term, the market situation will not be great changes in the pattern, but should see growth in the value of the Chinese market early and create favorable response to the wine industry in the future "National marketing" strategy, preferential tax policies from the state, industry associations, organization and coordination, corporate selfassociation, production and marketing resources, restructuring and other multifocus, to ensure not only in the future's crowded in an invincible position may also aim to stand out of doors, let the world experience the Chinese wine.



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