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Your Decor and Plantation Shutters By Mithul Mistry

  in Home Management | Published 2012-02-15 12:15:32 | 76 Reads | Unrated


Adding plantation shutters to your home bring so many advantages that they are a great addition to any property Shutters can add an air of elegance and beauty to any property and add to the current style and decor of your home

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Adding plantation shutters to your home bring so many advantages that they are a great addition to any property. Shutters can add an air of elegance and beauty to any property and add to the current style and decor of your home. The shutters can function to be fully closed or open and open to a certain degree that allows efficient control of light into a property / room. Plantation shutters cannot only be used on windows but also doors and are available in many style and shapes that could complement modern or traditional homes. The materials can also differ from wood to the use of Upvc which a
re strong, reliable and sturdy.

First off you will need to choose the colour and style you require for your window, doors and property. So for example you can look at the different colours like wood, white, cream and even patterned. In addition to this you can also have different effects with shutters like you could have PVC material with a wood or pine affect that goes nicely with you interior decor. Most homeowners tend to go with neutral colours like cream or white as they have a clean look and essentially tend to go with any kind of decor. You will also need to decide whether you want your supplier to complete the finish or whether you will do it yourself.

Choosing your material shouldn’t be too difficult as each one will have their advantage and disadvantages for example using wood means you can paint or stain them in any colour you wish. PVC shutters will only come in bespoke colours and the choice is fairly limited. The most notable advantage of PVC over wood is that PVC will not scratch, is sturdier and overtime will not warp in any way.

Most shutters are custom made to fit your windows and it is strongly advisable to have a professional measure your windows for you as mistakes are very costly. Mistakes means they will have to be sent back to either be amended or started again and you as the consumer will be completely responsible for bearing the extra costs. Using a professional means they will make the measurements they require and they are responsible for any mistakes or amends. Also for odd shaped or uniquely shaped shutters they will create templates for them to work off themselves.

Decide whether you wish to install the plantation shutters yourself or have a professional do them. There obvious reasons for this decision and its mainly down to labour costs, however in most cases it’s advisable to have professionals install them to ensure the correct fitting and look is achieved. Maintaining shutters is very easy as they can be clean with a dry or damp cloth and the shutters can easily be removed to clean the down aswell. Maintaining the shutters is required for them to last a long time. A number of homeowners make a mistake of assuming they can change them all the time which may be the case if you are financially healthy but for most it is a long term investment.



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