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crm software features in India : Understanding The Services Offered By Tie Win

  in Business Management | Published 2017-11-01 12:29:42 | 324 Reads | Unrated


In the highly competitive hospitality industry, what sets apart a particular establishment from the next is the quality of services offered.

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In the highly competitive hospitality industry, what sets apart a particular establishment from the next is the quality of services offered. While a lot goes into making an establishment a success, customers are indeed the focal point of all such ventures. Keeping the customers happy and satisfied is no mean feat. Customer relationship management or CRM is used to collect data regarding the customers from a number of sources, such as – direct calls, emails, website, social media, live chat and marketing material. With the help of CRM integration, all the data collected is then brought

together and compiled into a single database. As the owner of any such establishment, your best bet for success is by investing in good CRM services which helps you to supervise all processes digitally, doing away with the need for physically running around.


Employing technology to boost sales CRM software has much to offer. While the big players in the field already have an established market base, it is the small-sized and mid-sized establishments that stand to gain the most from CRM software. Services offered by CRM software include –

  • Full customization.

  • Complete automation of all processes.

  • Both existing and potential customers are treated at par with each other.

  • Macros and Workflows ensure that all members on the same team are aware of what is going on.

  • Real time updates and alerts sent right to the mobile phone of the owner.

  • Analysis of sales performance.

  • Insightful reports and suggestions.

  • Services of an experienced Relationship Manager, who is probably the best placed to understand the nuances of the relationship between the establishment and the customers.

  • Secureness of data guaranteed with the help of IP restrictions and audit logs.

  • Productivity is increased manifold. Information on leads is taken from the official website, reminders are scheduled for the team to follow-up and analytical reports are generated for getting an idea of future trends.

CRM software is a good way of getting to know the customers in an easy and effective way, thereby leading to their retention with the establishment for years to come.


Companies that offer software solutions for CRM, provide the facility of availing a Free Trial prior to investing in the same. The Free Trial enables the interested persons to get a hands-on experience of everything for a limited time period. CRM software comes as a bundled-up package with no hidden costs whatsoever.



For an owner of an establishment in the crm software features in india, a simple yet highly efficacious way of boosting sales is investing in a good software for CRM services. Tie Win provides attractive packages to suit the specific needs and requirements of individual owners from such software.




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Tie Win online is a business product that helps a company in managing their customers. Customer relationship management system or CRM application empowers by giving a completely rounded view of your clientele.