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Evening Dresses For Fashionista Summer Nights

Posted by Sarrah Beaumont | Published 2010-02-08 14:59:04 | Women's Interest

It's the beach during the day but it's strictly romantic evening dresses for summer cocktails and formal dinner dates But it becomes a challenge to choose the perfect dress from a rack of evening dres...

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Bridesmaids: Completing Your Wedding Entourage Line-up With Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted by Sarrah Beaumont | Published 2010-02-26 14:10:05 | Women's Interest

To any bride-to-be, making the wedding guest list is stressful enough You have to recall the important people in your life - so carefully as you don't want to hurt egos simply by missing to invite the...

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What Wedding Favours Speak Of

Posted by Sarrah Beaumont | Published 2010-03-09 05:43:01 | Women's Interest

Weddings are undoubtedly among the most important days of our lives This is especially true for women who, since childhood, have planned and imagined how this day should turn out when it comes...

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All About Maternity Wedding Dresses

Posted by Sarrah Beaumont | Published 2010-03-13 18:29:54 | Women's Interest

In the olden days, visibly pregnant women walking down the aisle were subjects of scorn You were either married in quick civil ceremonies or walked down the aisle when you were barely showing in the m...

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Of Shoes and Evening Dresses

Posted by Sarrah Beaumont | Published 2010-03-16 14:16:15 | Women's Interest

Have you ever heard about the comment: why do women need too many pairs of shoes Well, the truth is, women are in love with shoes and come hell or high water, they will certainly buy loads of shoes th...

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Wedding Flowers: Which is Which? Looking Beyond Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted by Sarrah Beaumont | Published 2010-03-16 14:20:51 | Women's Interest

There is so much to prepare in any wedding This is especially true when it is YOUR wedding that is being planned...

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Some Notes on Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted by Sarrah Beaumont | Published 2010-03-16 14:29:17 | Women's Interest

It's the month of love once again Although February is not the time when most couples get married, this is usually the most important day for them...

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