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Now You Can Have the Right Time Tracking System for Your Business

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-08-17 01:14:28 | Business Management

A time tracking system plays a vital part in every business and is necessary to better project planning. Time tracking is an easier, better and faster way to track time. Yet, too many businesses still...

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7 Trends You Need to Know About the Changing HR Landscape

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-08-30 04:55:24 | Business Management

Moving with technology, the landscape of Human Resource (HR) has been undergoing enormous alteration in its roles and functions. Unlike the conventional supporting role, HR is increasingly playing a l...

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Here’s How Your Internship Program Should Act, to Hire Better, Qualifi

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-09-08 11:42:26 | Business Management

It’s no surprise to see polytechnic students and undergraduates investing their time and putting themselves out in the workforce for an internship program. At the same time, companies hire intern...

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How to Boost Your Social Media Outreach with Influencer Marketing

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-10-25 10:07:32 | Business Management

Companies now focus on influencer marketing by targeting specific key individuals rather than the target market. Influencer marketing is a trending marketing technique to the advertising game, and is ...

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10 Noteworthy Guidelines on Getting HR Done Right

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-11-01 09:43:31 | Business Management

Human Resource (HR) management plays a vital role at the core of any company when it comes to overseeing HR functions including administration, development, and management of employees. For SMEs o...

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