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Driverless cars divide motor insurance industry, says independent..

Posted by Brijesh B. | Published 2016-10-11 09:38:24 | Finances

The uncertainty surrounding the topic of motor insurance for autonomous vehicles has result in a split in the insurance industry. Most of them want some clarity from government so as to unanimously de...

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3.5% rise in the cost of home insurance, reveals Consumer Intelligence

Posted by Brijesh B. | Published 2016-12-05 01:47:06 | Finances

Consumer Intelligence suggests a 3.5% rise in home insurance costs and declared that people in London would pay the highest home insurance premiums while those in the South West would pay the least. ...

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Why you need Life Insurance in your 20s and 30s?

Posted by Brijesh B. | Published 2017-02-07 04:17:33 | Finances

Find here, the common reasons for which young adults between the age of 20 and 30 should buy a life insurance policy. There are many reasons to choose a policy apart from the fact that it supports you...

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