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London car owners pay twice for car insurance than the rest of Britain

Posted by Brijesh B. | Published 2017-02-13 01:23:35 | Automotive

Londoners pay double the car insurance cost when compared to the rest of the Britain. Simple reasons are the risks associated with urban driving as well as the cost of the expensive cars. ...

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Must know traps by car insurance providers,read on to save £113 a year

Posted by Brijesh B. | Published 2017-02-15 04:18:39 | Automotive

Find here, some of the most common reasons why people do not shop around before the auto renewal of their car insurance. Keep these reasons in mind so you do not fall in the same trap of the motor ins...

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Check out top seven tricks to save up to £280 on your car insurance

Posted by Brijesh B. | Published 2017-02-16 03:55:29 | Automotive

Make saving on car insurance premiums your latest New Year resolution. Find here, some tried and tested tip to slash car insurance costs in the UK. Apply them and check how much you save! ...

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