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Benefits of Taking Extra Time and Effort to Find Right People for Your Business

Posted by Max Shapiro | Published 2013-07-26 04:57:55 | Career

Almost everyone has experienced a boss at some point in his/her life who refuses to upgrade equipment or computer systems, or won’t invest proper time or money in the employees and, thus, catap...

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The Value of Using a Recruiting Firm Versus Doing it Yourself

Posted by Max Shapiro | Published 2013-07-26 05:13:22 | Career

You are excited, nervous, and eager to build a winning team for your business. You may have limited funds or not know where to post your targeted job ads to attract the clientele appropriate to meet y...

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Human Relations in America: A Not-So-Easy Profession

Posted by Max Shapiro | Published 2013-08-27 05:35:39 | Career

While you are searching for that CTO, Engineer, Developer and other key personnel, there is a position that sometimes seems to get lost in the shuffle. That is a Human Relations (HR) person. These ind...

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Building Your Startup “Dream Team”

Posted by Max Shapiro | Published 2013-08-27 05:43:32 | Career

First and foremost, let us begin with the most important member of your team: You! You are truly what is and what will continue to be the driving force behind your team and your growing company. If yo...

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