If you or someone you know is taking that big step and tying the knot soon you are sure to be hosting or attending a bachelorette party shortly. These big nights out used to belong to the men, and the women had a downplayed version of a more subtle evening of tea, cards and visiting with a small gift opening. These days, it is quite common to see bachelorette parties gone wild at your local bar or pub at any given weekend. With an entire market devoted to upcoming brides, you are sure to find many themes and party favors to help you and the bachelorette attendees enjoy their evening out with the bride-to-be.

Catchy attention-getting favors are a must! Be sure to check out all of the necessary embarrassing clothing items from pins and sashes to drinking accessories including penis-shaped glasses or flashing lights for shot glasses. All of these special items will not only help get everyone in the mood for a wild party but get the attention of strangers around you, and you may find yourself expanding your bachelorette party to a much larger group. Who knows what will happen when strangers want to help the bride-to-be enjoy her last night of freedom?

Embarrassing the bride-to-be is quite common for many bachelorette parties gone wild these days. This can be done a number of ways including purchasing such items as special hats with penises on them, giving the bride-to-be a checklist of items that need to be completed before the evening is complete or trying to get strangers
involved in helping her make the most of the night with as many drinks as possible. When you think of bachelorette parties gone wild, the idea of a small gathering at someone's home is not something that comes to mind, but rather a group of friends out for a wild night on the town, so why not make the most of the time you have together?

Outsiders such as male strippers, masseuses, or even just random strange men in public can serve as great focal points during many bachelorette parties gone wild. Typically men will become objects, especially after a group of women start having a few drinks together and are celebrating an upcoming wedding. If the bride-to-be is too shy or does not want to partake in such risqué activity with other males, be sure to pick up a blow up doll for her to carry around for the evening while she parties with her girls. For added effect, have the male blow up doll sport a fake ball and chain or handcuff it to the bride-to-be. This can create a great visual affect and not embarrass the bride beyond her own comfort zone.

No matter how you and your friends celebrate an upcoming wedding, remember that the key is to have fun. Pushing the limits and making the bride-to-be complete tasks that she is not comfortable with is not of good taste and everyone should recognize where to draw the line when it comes to teasing or embarrassing behaviors even for bachelorette parties gone wild. Make sure that you have designated drivers set up beforehand so that everyone arrives home safely and you are sure to have the best time out with the girls no matter what goes on!