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Arts and Crafts How to choose a painting canvas? | Posted on 2016-10-30 01:24:17 If you are new to painting, you may think that all canvases are basically the same. However, the choice of canvas will greatly affect the entire process of your work and ... Read more.. 123
Arts and Crafts Contemporary art | Posted on 2016-10-30 01:26:00 Contemporary art was established in the 1960-70ss of the 20th century as a derivative of modernism, and was named postmodernism. The guru of postmodernism, Jean Baudrilla... Read more.. 159
Arts and Crafts How to choose a painting canvas? | Posted on 2016-10-30 03:25:50 If you are new to painting, you may think that all canvases are basically the same. However, the choice of canvas will greatly affect the entire process of your work and ... Read more.. 142
Arts and Crafts How to paint sunset? | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:00:52 Sunset is probably the most magical time of the day. Beautifully sad and poignantly romantic, it brings up our subtlest emotions and gives us a moment of unhindered conte... Read more.. 119
Arts and Crafts Flower painting – easy tips for beginners | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:02:20 Flowers are wonderful creations of nature that have been historically associated with spring, revival and romance. Coming in a wide variety of shapes and colors, they car... Read more.. 283
Arts and Crafts How to paint a lion? | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:04:56 Lions are gorgeous and gracious felines. Their dignified posture, soft moves and sheer strength mesmerize us. However, painting lions requires some serious skills. To do ... Read more.. 137
Arts and Crafts Abstract wall art ideas for interior design | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:12:33 Nowadays art is an essential part of our culture, because it is present everywhere, even if we don’t notice it. We all live in a hurry, often forgetting to stop and jus... Read more.. 192
Arts and Crafts Painting light in a landscape | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:13:53 Whether you stick to the classic canons or practice experimental palette knife painting like here, there are certain genre laws you have to consider. One of the most cruc... Read more.. 135
Arts and Crafts 7 useful tips on painting glazes | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:14:45 In painting, glazing refers to applying a thin transparent layer of paint over another, dry layer to build up or modify the underlying color. This is a great way to add l... Read more.. 159
Arts and Crafts 5 works of modern painting you should see | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:15:33 Contemporary art is an era of experiments that touches every aspect of artistic production – from idea to materials. ... Read more.. 172
Arts and Crafts How to use modern abstract art in your interior | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:16:28 Traditional paintings or modern abstract art (like you can see here) – nothing punctuates a room like wall decor. By hanging a work of art, you express your personal st... Read more.. 164
Arts and Crafts 7 useful landscape painting tips | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:17:15 Each painting genre has its own peculiarities and landscape is no exception. When it comes to landscape painting, there are a lot of nuances to be considered and if you i... Read more.. 186
Arts and Crafts Oil painting on canvas: Tips for planning out a landscape | Posted on 2016-11-29 02:18:11 Due to the challenges of realistic painting and abundance of detail to capture, landscape is considered to be one of the toughest genres of visual art. Creating a beautif... Read more.. 153
Arts and entertainment How To Make Your Home Cozy? | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:17:55 We spend most of our time at home, surrounded by four familiar walls. No wonder we apply so much effort to make it as nice and cozy as possible. While the choice of wall ... Read more.. 136
Arts and entertainment Van Gogh And Flowers | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:19:14 We know Vincent Van Gogh as the author of surreal city views and phantasmagoric sceneries that overturn our vision of reality. But he was also fascinated with the fragile... Read more.. 192
Arts and entertainment Impressionism And Its New Philosophy | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:20:11 Sooner or later, any artistic movement reaches its crisis point. Then it’s time to push aside the old values and pave the way for new ones. That’s exactly what Impres... Read more.. 233
Arts and Crafts How To Paint From a Photo? | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:21:01 In modern painting, traditional means of art often merge with digital technologies greatly facilitating the task at hand. Many professional artists and studios make a liv... Read more.. 180
Arts and entertainment The Jewels of the Renaissance | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:21:53 The Renaissance became a pivotal point in the entire human culture. As religious austerity gave way to new life-asserting values, it brought down the strict limitations o... Read more.. 190
Arts and Crafts 5 Tips on Painting a Good Portrait | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:23:19 Creating a good portrait is a true art. A well-made painting can give us a feeling that we actually know a person depicted on the canvas. It’s not just a lifelike copy ... Read more.. 235
Arts and Crafts How to Decorate Your Home with Abstract Art | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:24:13 Today, art has become much more available and popularized among all categories of buyers. Therefore almost every family has a picture or two in their home. Among all wall... Read more.. 253
Arts and Crafts History of the Genre | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:25:48 The genre of still life is one of the oldest painting traditions that keeps enjoying wide popularity despite a slew of new, contemporary trends that have appeared in the ... Read more.. 231
Arts and Crafts 4 Not So Well-Known Sceneries by Van Gogh Deserving Your Attention | Posted on 2016-11-29 08:26:49 We know Van Gogh as the author of ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Starry Night.’ But that’s not all he was good for. The loony Vincent actually created dozens of other painti... Read more.. 231
Arts and Crafts Introduction to Symbolism: 3 Paintings That Make You Wonder | Posted on 2016-12-12 06:46:13 At the end of the 19th century, visual art changed forever. It was no longer a hymn to the beauty of the world – or the author’s artistic skill, for that matter. Pain... Read more.. 160
Arts and Crafts Best contemporary artists | Posted on 2016-12-28 10:35:05 Different people have different opinion about modern art that is why everything that has been created after the 19th century evokes skepticism. The majority of people sti... Read more.. 155
Arts and Crafts Art for restaurants and cafes | Posted on 2016-12-28 10:37:28 In order to create a harmonious and unforgettable interior of a restaurant or a café you’ll need to properly decorate it. Well-chosen paintings will definitely help yo... Read more.. 153
Arts and Crafts Musical instruments and art | Posted on 2016-12-28 10:38:49 Music is an integral part of our life. It accompanies us throughout our whole life. What feeling do you have when you listen to classical music? Maybe when you hear it yo... Read more.. 152
Arts and Crafts Emotions on a canvas | Posted on 2016-12-28 10:40:13 All people experience different kinds of emotions: happiness, surprise, anger, sadness, disappointment, enthusiasm, etc., and we all have various ways to express them. So... Read more.. 157
Arts and Crafts Decorating the kitchen | Posted on 2017-01-04 01:43:03 The kitchen is a place where we spend quite a lot of time. We put much effort into making it functional; however, sometimes we forget about its look. Did you know that th... Read more.. 1115
Arts and Crafts Paintings in the interior | Posted on 2017-01-04 01:47:10 When paintings are in harmony with the interior design they form an emotional background of the room, add individuality to it, and highlight its style. Each style needs i... Read more.. 1023
Arts and Crafts Paintings in the interior | Posted on 2017-01-04 01:48:54 There is usually a specific theme common for each room of the house. What we mean is when you walk into the living room, you expect to see an amazing landscape or a breat... Read more.. 1013
Arts and Crafts Painting in the interior: where and how | Posted on 2017-01-04 01:50:46 Paintings, photos, and pictures have always been the main decorations of any interior. It would seem that a very beautiful one would look great no matter where it’s hun... Read more.. 1322
Arts and Crafts Interior Wall Painting Tips for Newbies | Posted on 2017-01-04 01:52:53 Refreshing the color of your walls is a great way to give your interior a new fantastic look. However, if you don’t know anything about interior painting aside from the... Read more.. 221
Arts and Crafts How To Pick Wall Art: 5 Tips To Remember | Posted on 2017-01-04 01:54:52 Our homes wouldn’t have been that cozy and lovely without art. In all of its forms, from cute trifles we put on the shelf as a reminder of a certain person or event to ... Read more.. 191
Arts and Crafts How To Create Depth in Landscapes? | Posted on 2017-01-04 01:56:23 Each landscape should have a linear perspective that adds depth to the scene. A flat view looks dull and unrealistic. Even if you prefer modern styles that discard classi... Read more.. 217
Arts and entertainment Paintings in the interior: choose the placement | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:32:24 It seems that there is nothing easier than to put up a painting: you just have to take a hammer and drive a nail into the wall. The right placement of a painting can unde... Read more.. 1117
Arts and entertainment Impressionism in the Interior | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:33:21 The main idea of impressionism is to make an impression on people with the help of artistic means. It originally was inverted by artists and then borrowed by architects a... Read more.. 849
Arts and entertainment How to create a romantic atmosphere at home | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:36:49 Sometimes you want to alter the interior of your house without doing something major like changing your floor plan, for instance. In this case, the easiest that you can d... Read more.. 166
Arts and entertainment Freshen up the interior of your bedroom | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:38:07 Would you like to spice up your relationship a little by adding some romance to your daily life? Maybe it’s time to change the interior of your bedroom? It’s not diff... Read more.. 1404
Arts and entertainment Add some passion | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:39:28 Long working days when we don’t have a chance to have fun or relax unfortunately bring some coldness in a relationship between a husband and a wife. After an exhausting... Read more.. 185
Arts and Crafts Bedroom Décor Ideas | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:40:51 After a hard-working day, all we dream about is a bit of peace and quiet. That’s why it is so important to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom with wall ... Read more.. 178
Arts and Crafts 7 ways to decorate your living room | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:42:59 Pictures serve as a unique decoration for any home. Whether it’s a reproduction of a famous canvas by Michelangelo, a bright abstract print fetched at the shop around t... Read more.. 236
Arts and Crafts Practical Tips on Choosing Interior Paint Colors | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:44:04 Home, sweet home... Is it any wonder we work so hard to surround ourselves with new furniture, expensive household equipment and lovely pieces of décor to make it as com... Read more.. 209
Arts and Crafts 7 tips on using large wall art in your interior | Posted on 2017-01-05 07:45:09 Choosing an ideal wall decoration for your apartment can become a real challenge, especially if you are looking for large-size art. We often follow the fashion and take r... Read more.. 318
Arts and Crafts 3 Best Works by Gustav Klimt | Posted on 2017-02-21 05:54:55 We know Gustav Klimt as one of the most fruitful and extravagant artists of the 20th century. He created many wonderful paintings that strike us with their unexpected app... Read more.. 256