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Family Concerns Best Infant Shoes | Posted on 2010-02-05 04:58:47 Shipping Info Baby's shoes (children infants in the 0-3 age range between the ages of the general definition, that is, toddlers ago) Baby shoes are designed for this age ... Read more.. 185
Women's Interest Different Facial Make-up Method | Posted on 2010-02-10 07:20:09 Make-up can be divided into basic makeup and focus of the make-up Foundation makeup is the basis for the entire face deposited color, including: cleaning, moisture, conve... Read more.. 158
Business Management Chinese Hisense For 5 Consecutive Years of the "Best Corporate Public Image Award" | Posted on 2010-02-11 14:23:07 Hisense Group is a large electronic information industry group, was established in 1969 Hisense adhere to the "technology of establishing enterprises, the sound operatio... Read more.. 84
Arts and entertainment Chinese Arts and Crafts | Posted on 2010-02-12 01:01:10 National Crafts Batik is an ancient anti-pollution craft, in ancient times known as "wax Valerian" Valerian with the twist, clip knot in ancient China, together known as ... Read more.. 190
Business Microwave Oven Industry Platform to Usher in the Era | Posted on 2010-02-28 22:06:54 Recently released 2007 China Industry Research and Consulting report showed that microwave oven, microwave oven industry is undergoing revolutionary changes And compared ... Read more.. 227
Business The Rapid Development of Construction Machinery Industry | Posted on 2010-02-28 22:12:10 The first three quarters of 2002 engineering and construction machinery industry in China continue to maintain the momentum of rapid development, production and operation... Read more.. 166
Business The Rapid Development of China's CNC Machine Tool Industry | Posted on 2010-03-01 12:19:38 The latest statistics show that China's CNC machine tool industry has maintained a continuous six-year growth rate of over 30% Experts interviewed by reporters, said that... Read more.. 171
Business Eastern and Western Mold Industry Win-win Development | Posted on 2010-03-05 05:42:32 First, the eastern region and advantages of the status quo mold industry Shanghai: Existing mold more than 1,500 enterprises, employing more than 70000, the annual outpu... Read more.. 219
Business Crafts Reports Sihui City, Guangdong Province - To Build an Aircraft Carrier Jade Jade Industries | Posted on 2010-03-09 10:08:08 Often to prefer the civil Jade linked with the opium, which means that once someone has really fallen in love with Jade it difficult to get rid of the temptation, the "Ch... Read more.. 206
Business Crafts Reports Tengchong County, Yunnan Province: China's Emerald City | Posted on 2010-03-09 10:13:55 Tengchong County, Yunnan Province is the birthplace of jade processing industry began in the mid-Ming, Xing Yu Qing Dynasty, has been 400 years of history, its connotatio... Read more.. 135
Business Fuling Mustard | Posted on 2010-03-13 05:15:41 In China, under various names, taste the pickles of different products in Fuling mustard to the table like jasper, red agate, such as the appearance of shape and special ... Read more.. 168
Business Fuling Mustard Beachhead Taiwan Supermarket Hypermarket | Posted on 2010-03-13 05:19:09 Opened up his store go to Taiwan, which is the city's restaurant business has always been a plan But in this regard, the property of agricultural products processing ente... Read more.. 170
Business Hohhot: Green Product Approaching Beijing | Posted on 2010-03-13 05:26:06 Over the years, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of specialty products, especially SMEs difficult to launch the product outside the region, has been plagued business and ... Read more.. 155
Business Fuling Strengthen Brand Advantage Industries, To Create the World's Mustard Capital | Posted on 2010-03-13 05:40:44 Century Famous - Fuling mustard, is the world's three most famous pickles and Chinese exports, one of the three dishes After 30 years of reform and opening up, especially... Read more.. 185
Business Chaozhou - China Wedding Dress Cities | Posted on 2010-03-14 11:31:00 Chaozhou - China wedding dress tide of city states, the sea, in its south , "A beautiful environment, outstanding people," here is the world's richest man Li Ka-shing, th... Read more.. 277
Business Chaozhou Evening Dress Fashionable Wedding at Home and Abroad | Posted on 2010-03-14 11:34:31 China Textile Industry Association on January 9, 2004 at the Great Hall of the Chaozhou awarded "China wedding dress city" title, which is the development of the apparel ... Read more.. 203
Business Chinese Women's Town: Humen Town, Dongguan City | Posted on 2010-03-14 11:36:41 China's only a "Chinese Women's Town" - Humen, adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, the center of economic corridors Excell... Read more.. 189
Business Underwear Production Base in China - Shanghai and Shenzhen Town, Shishi | Posted on 2010-03-14 11:47:06 An Underwear Industry, Steady Growth, Large-Scale Clearly Highlights Shenhu Town underwear industry, 80 originated in the early 20th century, accompanied by the introduc... Read more.. 205
Business Advantages of Industrial Clusters and Promote Yongkang Metal Doors and Windows Industry by Leaps and Bounds | Posted on 2010-03-16 20:58:28 In recent years, after Yongkang City Committee, the municipal government to vigorously support and wide publicity, Yongkang, as "China's hardware capital" in the country ... Read more.. 168
Business Zhejiang Yongkang Hardware Industry | Posted on 2010-03-16 21:06:32 Earlier this year, Yongkang City, has told 606 companies conducted a survey in which all orders over 2009, and no time to production accounted for 54%, flat with last yea... Read more.. 207
Business Hardware Town -Diankou Town | Posted on 2010-03-16 21:12:48 Store Town is located in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, the northern part is known as "hardware village" reputation, with a total area of 1057 square kilometers, the resi... Read more.. 173
Business How to Curb the Problem Locks | Posted on 2010-03-16 21:19:30 According to Shanghai quality supervision department news, Yangpu District, Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision of spot checks on 14 types of locks, there are 11 kinds... Read more.. 178
Business Northeast Industrial Take-Off Die First | Posted on 2010-04-28 09:17:28 The last century, 90 years, China has proposed "to narrow the gap between the regional" strategy, gradually introduced a number of out policies and measures to revitalize... Read more.. 160
Business U.S. Auto Parts Industry to Cut Costs Uncertain Future | Posted on 2010-04-28 09:28:48 North American parts suppliers in the third quarter of fiscal income data released from the performance point of view, the past year's efforts met with success, some supp... Read more.. 269
Business Association of Southeast Asian Nations Zero-Tariff to Stimulate Exports of Chinese Shoes | Posted on 2010-04-28 09:47:00 The European Union is China's shoe exports to major markets by the impact of anti-dumping duty on Chinese shoe exports to the EU shoe has dropped for two consecutive year... Read more.. 165
Business Zhengzhou Mart: Promoting the Apparel Market, Upgrade the Central Plains | Posted on 2010-04-28 09:59:48 Zhengzhou Railway Station Area clothing business district, gathered more than 10 clothing wholesale market, in the fierce market competition, Mart, through the leap-forwa... Read more.. 187
Culture Traditional Chinese Medicine Health and Tourism Double Variations | Posted on 2010-05-01 22:03:29 "February 2, Long rise, pai lou open", Sun Ssu-Hermitage practice Chakpori ushered in the four tourists, spread the millennium Chakpori temple it would have begun to disp... Read more.. 282
Business Shenzhen Metal Industry Usher in Good Company May Defer Payment of Social Security Problems | Posted on 2010-05-01 22:26:41 September 9, 2009, according to the latest issue of the Shenzhen Municipal Government Gazette was informed that a number of departments have jointly issued in Shenzhen, "... Read more.. 172
Business Hardware Companies Urgently Need to Catch Bad IMPACT Retaining Excellent | Posted on 2010-05-01 22:41:42 After the pre-market research and careful investigation, 10 31, match-fixing in the Harbin Public Security Bureau personnel security detachment and through coordination w... Read more.. 168
Business Lock Market: Fingerprint Lock Market Demand Increased Year by Year | Posted on 2010-05-03 04:59:38 With the constant deepening of China's opening-up, high-grade construction developed rapidly, high-grade lock the market prospects are bright Lock lock industry of China'... Read more.. 148
Business Zhengzhou 27 Cup Final of the Inaugural Design Competition Held in China Pants | Posted on 2010-05-03 05:11:43 Recently, Xuan Yuan Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhengzhou City, the Office of warm starlight shining success, it carries the dream of the glittering T platform and ... Read more.. 155
Business Anhui to Develop Cotton Industry, Spinning Out of Weak Enterprises | Posted on 2010-05-03 05:27:51 March 18, in Anqing City, Anhui provincial government held a provincial textile industry to adjust the revitalization of the work site meetings It was noted that the text... Read more.. 235
Business 09 Chinese Ceramic Machine Equipment Industry Cautiously Ahead Slowly | Posted on 2010-05-05 20:56:54 Chinese ceramic machine equipment industry ups and downs along the way with building ceramics industry, and to stable performance, advanced technology, reliable quality, ... Read more.. 224
Business My First Round of Offshore Wind Power Concession Bidding to Start | Posted on 2010-05-05 21:12:09 Recently, the National Energy Board to Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces, 11 departments is... Read more.. 172
Business A Bridgehead For a New Machine Tool Industry | Posted on 2010-05-05 21:26:46 In 2009, despite the overall economy by the financial crisis, but the two weapon groups of various economic indicators are contrarian growth, continued to show a good mom... Read more.. 181
Business Accompanied by Wind Power Nuclear Power Sack | Posted on 2010-05-05 22:28:12 Germany Isaac Corporation was founded in 1892, is a century-old has a world-renowned enterprises to produce a complex tool and cutter grinding machines known as known to ... Read more.. 169
Business Management Jie Mi Lighting Industry Insider Inferior Products | Posted on 2010-05-11 13:28:14 This time of year, major domestic media or some of the administrative authorities are often organized all sorts of special activities on the issue of consumer protection ... Read more.. 201
Business Management Ceramics Exports to the EU Becoming Naturalized Rationality | Posted on 2010-05-11 13:39:35 After years of downturn and last year's surge, China's porcelain exports to the EU stepped into a rational track of development, decline in export volume during the first... Read more.. 222
Business Management Xi'an: Geothermal Water Recycling Should Be Strengthened | Posted on 2010-05-11 13:56:59 Water conservation office learned from the Xi'an: bear Qu Yuan Jiang Chunxiao district heating and hot water supply heat Xi'an shaoling Highland Development Co, Ltd... Read more.. 204
Business Management Glass Decorative Materials in the "Jones" | Posted on 2010-05-11 14:09:14 More expensive to use wallpaper, with the floor afraid of becoming a water and marble are worried that radioactive contamination produced ... Read more.. 103
Business Aquaculture Export Base Building Will Be State-Sponsored | Posted on 2010-05-11 21:27:36 Responsible for textile and apparel (including silk kind of product) is responsible for the class said: At present, materials have been handed over to declare, that we ar... Read more.. 178
Business Hualian Porcelain Future Leader of China Ceramics Industry | Posted on 2010-05-11 21:42:50 There is no doubt the holding of the previous Fair was a great gathering of the world's business, since 1996 began at the Fair on the appearance of the Hualian Porcelain ... Read more.. 188
Business Zhongshan Xiaolan Hardware Industry Cluster Development | Posted on 2010-05-14 12:30:27 Metal products industry Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the traditional industries, as early as in 1986, Xiaolan Town, has been hailed as China's "city ... Read more.. 203
Business With the Aid of Low-Carbon Economy to Upgrade | Posted on 2010-05-14 12:40:30 Policy support for low-carbon economic development of Shenzhen has created a good environment Shenzhen issued the relevant policies and regulations, in addition to social... Read more.. 167
Business Domestic Electrical Problems in the Development of Paper Books and Opportunities | Posted on 2010-05-14 22:44:47 Transmission of human civilization, and written historical records is inextricably linked with the spread of ancient China's four great inventions of which there are two ... Read more.. 232
Computers And Technology The Countdown to Replace the Paper-Book E-Books | Posted on 2010-05-14 22:54:47 Digital wave after wave of a wave, following the music, movies, books also go after the digital Current e-book industry booming worldwide, but the domestic book market is... Read more.. 214
Business Toys Will Monologue | Posted on 2010-05-16 00:30:26 If you also believe that exclusive playmate toys only child, then a bit "outdated" the It has been observed, creative class decoration in soft cloth toys, toy market, a m... Read more.. 333
Business Wenzhou Build China's High-End Men's Gathering Base | Posted on 2010-05-16 00:41:25 , Wenzhou, has no shortage of opportunities, not lack of inspiration, more than 3,000 clothing enterprises form the fashion and create force Industry has 13 China Well-kn... Read more.. 200
Business Quanzhou Open Up New Markets For Shoes | Posted on 2010-05-16 00:57:43 After last year's export slump, the Quanzhou shoes in strain, force change on a frequent hair transformation, try to accept foreign orders, extending to more value-added ... Read more.. 205
Business Shanghai International Fashion Fair | Posted on 2010-05-16 01:11:38 Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival Organizing Committee will be launched during next year's Expo will be a new fashion show - Shanghai International Fashion ... Read more.. 246
Business Management World War II Joined the Online Direct Sales of Traditional Clothing | Posted on 2011-06-28 19:19:57 PPG shirt with the "light company model" into the garment, B2C industry into a price war at one time, the error of advertising campaigns Traditional garment Younger (600 ... Read more.. 121
Business Garment Industrial Park in Zhengzhou Curved Beam Into the Development of the Fast Lane | Posted on 2011-06-28 19:30:11 Founded in 2006, Zhengzhou, curved beams apparel industrial park ("the curved beam Industrial Park") is currently entering the fast lane: the next 3 to 5 years, it will b... Read more.. 147
Business International Socks Are Both Fame and Fortune | Posted on 2011-06-28 19:32:16 "And Hubei, Shandong, signed two customers order the value of 161 million yuan, and Henan, Jiangsu, Yunnan and other provinces seven customers reached on cooperation, soc... Read more.. 140
Business Quanzhou Luggage Trade: Export Situation, Risks Remain Warmer | Posted on 2011-06-28 19:42:49 Quanzhou, Fujian Quanzhou in China's foreign trade exports in key areas Recently, this reporter learned that research in this city, as the world economic situation improv... Read more.. 120
Business "Steel Structure" Must be Three-dimensional | Posted on 2011-07-02 03:42:26 Line is one-dimensional, plane is two-dimensional, three-dimensional space must be steel This is a three-dimensional steel after contact with the author's words impresse... Read more.. 51
Business 2010 Sheet Wood Panel Industry Trends Forecast Optimistic | Posted on 2011-07-02 17:11:25 This year's panel market will show steady growth in demand, price trend of minor fluctuations, the overall trend of steadily judgments For the following reasons... Read more.. 116
Home Management A Lot of Bamboo Used in the Decoration Plate | Posted on 2011-07-02 17:13:25 Recently, bamboo flooring started the "days of vibrating floor," launched its nothing to do with a bamboo floor and new: a cost of 10 million yuan, and US... Read more.. 167
Business Tightening of Macroeconomic Policies Zheng Cotton Increased Upstream Resistance | Posted on 2011-07-04 02:52:50 Since March 19, led by Zheng He set out on cotton washed to the highest since the Spring Festival 17,440 yuan / ton, after the road began callback Recent days, Zheng cott... Read more.. 149
Business Guangdong Furniture Get Together Three Appearances | Posted on 2011-07-04 12:41:05 An active throughout the furniture industry, the industry's most prestigious areas in Guangdong, three in succession Furniture spring debut The first is March 16 Internat... Read more.. 136
Business Changes in China's Plywood Industry For 30 Years | Posted on 2011-07-04 12:46:36 Based panel industry in China started late, but rapid development, reform and opening up to China's plywood industry are unprecedented opportunities for development 30 ye... Read more.. 137
Business Carbon is Not Just Gimmicks Popular Green Ceramic Products Are Urgently Needed | Posted on 2011-07-04 12:56:37 "Low-carbon age" has truly arrived Development of low-carbon economy depends not only on national strategies, policies, systems, environment and more to each company, the... Read more.. 144
Marketing To Promote the Shoe Brand Into the Cultural Connotation of Gathering Market | Posted on 2011-07-04 13:03:41 In Psyche (China) Sporting Goods Co, Ltd... Read more.. 236
Business Bamboo Fiber Market in China is Not Yet Standardized | Posted on 2011-07-04 19:30:36 In recent years, bamboo fiber and its products on research and reporting more and more However, different documents of bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber and bamboo fiber naming ... Read more.. 111
Business 2010 Spring Fabric Exhibition "Warm Lead" Industries Spring | Posted on 2011-07-04 19:31:14 Spring comes in 2010, the 10th China International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (spring) Expo will be held March 30-April 1 in Beijing China International Exhibition C... Read more.. 46
Business Margaux, Lafite Name Zhuang Wine Seize the Chinese Market | Posted on 2011-07-04 19:42:58 Rafi made a special trip to China to fake, Europe's first Kai Chung intellectual property lawsuits in China, Margaux offered in Hong Kong's first overseas office opened i... Read more.. 127
Business Management High-End Mineral Water Looks Beautiful | Posted on 2011-07-06 07:35:33 Recently, many domestic water giants have found a suitable water source, is intensive investment to create new markets However, many medical experts advise, taken from th... Read more.. 129
Business Management Furniture Market Tripod Plate | Posted on 2011-07-06 12:59:23 The past two years, panel furniture sales in the market has been very prosperous, people buy furniture plate, usually purchased from the brands of furniture to judge whet... Read more.. 123
Business Speed up Construction Machinery Manufacturers in China on International Market | Posted on 2011-07-08 21:25:28 It is reported that Sany China's largest construction machinery manufacturer, has been named Forbes "Top Enterprise", already has 30 overseas subsidiaries, products are s... Read more.. 146
Business Oil Prices Rebound Drives and High-growth Services | Posted on 2011-07-09 01:16:20 And Oil Prices "Soft Connection" Oil and gas equipment and services industry boom of the oil prices are inextricably associated with the oil industry, while not directly... Read more.. 110
Business International Mining Machinery in 2010 Most Important Feature of Production Networks | Posted on 2011-07-09 02:49:18 Personalized service has become an important factor in competitive success The 21st century, mining machinery industry entered an unprecedented phase of rapid development... Read more.. 114
Business When the Sea to Develop Pan-tourism Industry | Posted on 2011-07-09 04:36:39 First International Tourism Forum and Haikou Boao economic yacht, golf and tourism forum will be held on two topics, and outside the island attracted wide attention from ... Read more.. 154
Business Management Paper Eliminate Backward Production Capacity is Imperative | Posted on 2011-07-09 17:27:20 From the State Department on April 6 issued a notice to eliminate backward production capacity has been in the past few days, provincial and municipal already have mobili... Read more.. 123
Medicines and Remedies Chinese Herbal Medicine is Almost Zero Resources Protection | Posted on 2011-07-10 03:48:56 Chinese medicine in China is the world's most resource-rich countries, but has long been inadequate attention to the development of traditional Chinese medicine resources... Read more.. 145
Business Management China's Hardware Industry Has Shown Six Characteristics | Posted on 2011-07-10 04:02:56 China's hardware industry from the nineties of the last century has been to maintain high growth momentum, has become the world's most important hardware power, it is und... Read more.. 140
Business Management M & A Volvo From Geely Think There Dream of a Powerful Ceramic Industry | Posted on 2011-07-10 04:21:27 By the end of March, Ford will be Volvo brand and assets to 18 billion sale to China Geely Automobile... Read more.. 135
Business Chengdu Shoes Expand Export Markets | Posted on 2011-07-10 06:31:54 After experiencing financial crisis, changes in mode of development on Shoes usher new life, D黶seldorf return - Site gains more than 2000 million order to attract ... Read more.. 116
Business Jade Carving Industry Breeds New Energy | Posted on 2011-07-10 06:35:12 Nanyang City in Henan Province is one of China's four famous jade jade independent origin 30 years of reform and opening up, with thousands of years old Nanyang jade carv... Read more.. 137
Computers And Technology Future Development of Digital Radio | Posted on 2011-07-10 06:43:49 The development of radio technology in 30 years, the simulation technology has become so mature, ... Read more.. 134
Automotive Lock Enterprises Should Raw Lessons From Toyota | Posted on 2011-07-10 06:47:03 Since January, the frequency of quality problems Toyota is Up to now, Toyota has been accumulated worldwide recall "problem car" nearly 8 million more than its global ann... Read more.. 182
Business Hot Water Bath Water Rising Values of Some Products Still Immature | Posted on 2011-07-11 07:26:15 Recently, the price Zhangshengyipian led to consumers, industry and so much attention It is reported that Beijing intends rose 0... Read more.. 109
Business Low-carbon Age: Continuous Innovation is the Core Competitiveness of Enterprises Tao | Posted on 2011-07-11 07:30:43 The so-called low-carbon economy, is that under the guidance of sustainable development concept, through technical innovation, system innovation, industrial restructuring... Read more.. 119
Business Tile "downsizing" Enabling Energy Saving and Low Carbon Development | Posted on 2011-07-11 07:38:52 According to statistics, in 2009 the output of ceramic tiles in China, nearly 60 billion square meters, about two-thirds of the world But China is big but not strong cera... Read more.. 33
Business Promote Energy Conservation Sustainable Development of Ceramic Industry | Posted on 2011-07-11 07:53:41 Global financial crisis triggered by the world economic turmoil, the Chinese ceramic industry thus a great impact on export blocked, weak domestic sales Currently facing ... Read more.. 127
Business Inhibition of China Steel Exports Plus Tax | Posted on 2011-07-14 06:52:54 Into May, the international steel prices continue to rise sharply; and domestic and international steel price gap continues to widen, analysts said, China's steel exports... Read more.. 120
Business Product is the Conduct of the Shoe, And Checking the Quality Imperative | Posted on 2011-07-14 06:57:20 Noted that, according to the Bureau of Hunan Province recently announced a circulation of goods quality monitoring communications revealed that 13 were shoes on the "Hei ... Read more.. 123
Business Thai Sports Shoe Market Shrinking, The Former Hard-line Shoe | Posted on 2011-07-14 07:08:27 In recent days, according to Bangkok Bank to disclose the Chinese Ministry on the 7th of last year, Thailand exports almost all major industries by Western financial cris... Read more.. 148
Business Cnc-machiningparts Reports Shoes Brand Foster | Posted on 2011-07-14 14:27:04 This year, Anta, special steps, seven wolves brand shops, street style with a gradual increase in the proportion of the Board Shoes series; and street sports-related seri... Read more.. 195
Business Steel: High-rise Span Into the Direction of Special Shape | Posted on 2011-07-14 14:41:56 It is reported that the mid-80s until the 20th century, the Chinese steel construction also remains "zero" Also at this time, several decades later a more western China s... Read more.. 142
Business Chinese Shoe Eliminate Market "Cancer" International Brand Image | Posted on 2011-07-15 04:30:32 Today, counterfeit products in the market increasingly appears, not only damaged the lives and property of consumers, but also a threat to the market position of enterpri... Read more.. 28
Business Nanfeng Orange: "Triple" Win Market Opportunities | Posted on 2011-07-15 04:55:53 "Last year our total production Nanfeng Orange more than 800 million kilograms, of which overseas sales orange more than 200 million kilograms, products are exported to S... Read more.. 50
Business Dongyang Wood Mahogany Furniture Industry Has Developed Three Major Industrial Base | Posted on 2011-07-15 06:11:03 "Industrial Area north of the city of Dongyang woodcarving industrial park of international planning a 932 acre industrial base, land acquisition has begun to clear groun... Read more.. 112
Business "Harmony" A Thousand Yards Kong Down: Quality-oriented Fashion Innovation | Posted on 2011-07-15 06:18:21 The implementation of a series of new initiatives the company has made in a crisis opportunities for future development From 2008 onwards, subject to global warming and ... Read more.. 49
Business Textile Long Wing "traditional" Enterprise "not Traditional" | Posted on 2011-07-17 09:45:49 River is located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, long-wing street Textile Machinery Co, Ltd... Read more.. 42
Business New Products Are High-tech Locks Huge Market | Posted on 2011-07-17 14:44:32 It is understood that lock in high-tech products dominated the fingerprint lock Fingerprint lock is a kind of fingerprint to identify human carriers and means of intellig... Read more.. 129
Business Cnc-machiningparts Reports Cheung Wing Textile Win Favor Innovation Far Ahead of Large Companies | Posted on 2011-07-17 16:44:18 River is located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, long-wing street Textile Machinery Co, Ltd... Read more.. 154
Business Solar Energy Enterprises Should Aim at Global Access Standards | Posted on 2011-07-17 16:50:00 This year, swept from the face of global green wave, solar energy industry will face a full upgrade, competition will become more intense "98% of the export share of over... Read more.. 126
Business Textile Raw Material in the Soft Gold - Cashmere Introduction | Posted on 2011-07-17 17:09:02 Cashmere is a rare special animal fibers (wool and sheep are different), is a precious textile raw materials, foreign called "fiber to the diamond," "soft gold" As the Ka... Read more.. 120
Business Intelligent Electronic Shoe Selling Well in the High-end Market | Posted on 2011-07-17 17:15:55 Related statistics show Eighty per cent of Chinese people suffering from more than varying degrees of foot disease This allows people to shoe the daily household products... Read more.. 131
Business China Textile City in 2010 Fabric Trends Analysis | Posted on 2011-07-17 19:11:27 2010 Spring and Summer in China Textile City Fabric sales in previous years will show a different trend common ground on some small business users will be mainly old vari... Read more.. 99
Business Down Textile City of China, Hangzhou, Zhejiang New Town | Posted on 2011-07-17 19:14:54 New Town is located in Xiao Shaoping raw water network area, south of Qiantang River in Hangzhou from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 14 kilometers, an area of 35... Read more.. 110
Business Luggage Business Without Fear of Zero Tariff | Posted on 2011-07-17 19:28:38 China and ASEAN each other in the process of reducing tariffs, many export enterprises Yiwu obviously enjoyed a lot of good But faced with this in Indonesia and other cou... Read more.. 108
Business Luxury Fashion Goods to the Evolution of Public | Posted on 2011-07-17 19:30:55 Recently, the International Trade 3 shops near the opening of the message so excited about the fashion industry, but many careful people found settled in a brand new, the... Read more.. 148
Business Cnc-machiningparts Reporsts Rubber Industry Is Injured Safeguard Affected Tires Chain | Posted on 2011-07-17 19:40:58 US tires safeguard the introduction of China's tire industry is no doubt generate more far-reaching effect in the tire industry chain will other industries, such as synth... Read more.. 156
Business Trace to Its Source: Heat Pump Industrial Development History of the World | Posted on 2011-07-21 16:14:42 Since the 70s of the 20th century, heat pump industry has entered a golden era, the world's research on the heat very great importance, such as the International Energy A... Read more.. 127
Business Wenzhou First Points of the Overseas Trade Warning | Posted on 2011-07-21 16:21:06 The original total of the city eyewear "critical" Turkish businessmen, many of the recent increased rate of satisfaction, City Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-Genera... Read more.. 100
Business Management China Using The Internet To Create "never Ending" The Expo | Posted on 2011-07-21 16:30:42 Has a 159-year history of the Expo for the first time such a close link with the Internet, so that the World Expo 2010 Shanghai more intimate, but also more dynamic With... Read more.. 44
Business Water-based Adhesives Business Opportunities Certain to Win an Extreme | Posted on 2011-07-21 16:30:44 Deterioration in the environment, environmental awareness and increasing health consciousness of today, it is important to protect the environment Pushing environmental a... Read more.. 133
Business Cnc-machiningparts Reports Footwear Design Draw Nutrient-Rich Street Culture | Posted on 2011-07-21 16:43:27 Variety in the fashion trend, the movement to become an irreplaceable element of the "Fan children" will never be the trend out in the cold, it is to be young again assem... Read more.. 118
Business Seven Plastic Products Industry and Other Industries in 2008 as a Sunrise Industry | Posted on 2011-10-24 03:15:56 China's economy after 1999 seemed to start into the harvest, in addition to maintain a rapid growth rate than GDP, China's total factor productivity (TFP) growth rate exp... Read more.. 112
Business Like Stone Than Stone Home in the World | Posted on 2011-10-28 09:38:20 There is no fixed style home decoration trend, fresh and natural garden style, romantic aesthetic Mediterranean, classical style and so sumptuous Zhang Yang In the "Marco... Read more.. 92
Business Management Low-carbon Green Development as Indispensable Elements of Projection | Posted on 2011-10-31 08:19:13 Today, environmental protection, growing demand for low-carbon, environmentally friendly concept of low-carbon intensive consumer hearts, towards low-carbon global econom... Read more.. 115
Business Management International Wheat Production is Expected to Intensified | Posted on 2011-10-31 08:30:59 Agricultural futures, or ultra-large cattle cattle from the "days" set Weak oscillation pattern in the depressed agricultural futures than half a year, after entering th... Read more.. 121
Business Management The Fifth Element | Posted on 2011-11-06 22:24:14 In Luc Besson's science fiction film of 1997, "The Fifth Element", the world constitute the five essential elements, including wind, fire, water, soil, and the power of t... Read more.. 109
Business Management Eastern Europe's Economy is Worrying | Posted on 2011-11-13 09:38:24 Can we learn from the ten worst countries in emerging markets who can learn a lot First of all, the problem was just in Eastern Europe... Read more.. 118
Marketing Oil Prices Were Against the Seasonal Trend | Posted on 2011-11-14 23:04:08 Although the annual consumption of crude oil in August are the peak season, but in August this year, crude oil prices not only did not show strong seasonal rally, but fel... Read more.. 133
World Affairs Spanish Prime Minister Hopes That China Sustained Increase National Debt | Posted on 2011-11-16 01:08:37 2:00 pm on August 31, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain with a smile into the ambassador's residence garden, and waiting th... Read more.. 209
Business Japan's Political Mess Delay in Economic Decision-making | Posted on 2011-11-17 00:58:33 Japan's political situation became chaotic almost gruel Prime Minister Naoto Kan internal and external, attacked front and rear, that they can not calm down and consider ... Read more.. 126
Business China PMI Rebound Ignition of Global Stock Markets | Posted on 2011-11-17 01:05:55 China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released data on the 1st, August manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) was 517%, up 0... Read more.. 133
World Affairs Why Did Sweden Become the Fastest Country's Economic Recovery | Posted on 2011-11-22 00:18:43 Recently, the Swedish central bank announced its benchmark interest rate by 025% to 0... Read more.. 188
Business Iron Ore Price Change May be More Frequent | Posted on 2011-11-22 22:50:40 Iron ore field, has presented "Ting Feng is the Rain" tension Beijing on September 6, 2010 Forum on Chinese imports, Feng, vice president of Minmetals the right to disclo... Read more.. 125
Business Management The Future of Asian Emerging Markets | Posted on 2011-11-24 10:31:27 Low-income countries in the global financial crisis, mostly innocent victims, and now they must find a way to face a series of consequences They did not commit any major... Read more.. 129
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