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Thing to know about Meerschaum Pipe

Posted by Samil Sermet | Published 2017-01-23 03:18:15 | Arts and Crafts

Meerschaum smoking pipes are distinguished and highly recognized as the best crafted pipes ever since it was introduced in the market decades ago. The secret behind the antique quality of these pipes ...

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7 tips on using large wall art in your interior

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-05 07:45:09 | Arts and Crafts

Choosing an ideal wall decoration for your apartment can become a real challenge, especially if you are looking for large-size art. We often follow the fashion and take recommendations from our friend...

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Practical Tips on Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-05 07:44:04 | Arts and Crafts

Home, sweet home... Is it any wonder we work so hard to surround ourselves with new furniture, expensive household equipment and lovely pieces of décor to make it as comfortable and attractive as pos...

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7 ways to decorate your living room

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-05 07:42:59 | Arts and Crafts

Pictures serve as a unique decoration for any home. Whether it’s a reproduction of a famous canvas by Michelangelo, a bright abstract print fetched at the shop around the corner or a mix of classic ...

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Bedroom Décor Ideas

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-05 07:40:51 | Arts and Crafts

After a hard-working day, all we dream about is a bit of peace and quiet. That’s why it is so important to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom with wall art that won’t shatter this ...

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How To Create Depth in Landscapes?

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-04 01:56:23 | Arts and Crafts

Each landscape should have a linear perspective that adds depth to the scene. A flat view looks dull and unrealistic. Even if you prefer modern styles that discard classic composition (like a landscap...

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How To Pick Wall Art: 5 Tips To Remember

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-04 01:54:52 | Arts and Crafts

Our homes wouldn’t have been that cozy and lovely without art. In all of its forms, from cute trifles we put on the shelf as a reminder of a certain person or event to magnificent paintings hanging ...

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Interior Wall Painting Tips for Newbies

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-04 01:52:53 | Arts and Crafts

Refreshing the color of your walls is a great way to give your interior a new fantastic look. However, if you don’t know anything about interior painting aside from the fact that it’s messy, you c...

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Painting in the interior: where and how

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-04 01:50:46 | Arts and Crafts

Paintings, photos, and pictures have always been the main decorations of any interior. It would seem that a very beautiful one would look great no matter where it’s hung or what it is surrounded wit...

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Paintings in the interior

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-04 01:48:54 | Arts and Crafts

There is usually a specific theme common for each room of the house. What we mean is when you walk into the living room, you expect to see an amazing landscape or a breathtaking seascape, but not a st...

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Paintings in the interior

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-04 01:47:10 | Arts and Crafts

When paintings are in harmony with the interior design they form an emotional background of the room, add individuality to it, and highlight its style. Each style needs its own decoration such as pain...

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Decorating the kitchen

Posted by Mari Summers | Published 2017-01-04 01:43:03 | Arts and Crafts

The kitchen is a place where we spend quite a lot of time. We put much effort into making it functional; however, sometimes we forget about its look. Did you know that there are many flower designs fo...

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Top Reasons To Do Your Christmas Shopping Online

Posted by Jacob Martin | Published 2016-12-30 12:57:52 | Arts and Crafts

Christmas shopping is surely one of the most stressful things about December. From getting presents, to ensuring your house is beautifully decorated. Getting everything you need is a huge job. Shoppin...

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