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How to Hire the Ideal Employee

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-08-17 01:16:46 | Leadership

It’s a vital process for Human Resource (HR) when it comes to hiring the best employees into the company. Every company dream of having the ideal employee. You might be wondering: Is edu...

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How to Work with the Millennial Generation

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-08-23 11:12:04 | Leadership

Over the next 20 years, the Millennials or Generation Y will serve as a large proportion in the workplace. They’re poised to shift the economy and change the way you do business for decades to ...

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Quit to Win

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-09-19 05:57:23 | Leadership

“Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie A tenant in a co-op building in New York installed window bars and asked the board to reimburse him...

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What Can Optimus Prime Teach You About Leadership?

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-09-23 12:34:10 | Leadership

What can a mere fictional character teach us about leadership? The answer is plenty. Whether it’s animation, manga or Disney movies, they teach and instill values into us more than we may reali...

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How to Improve the Way You Influence and Persuade Others

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-09-28 04:45:40 | Leadership

In 1984, Dr. Robert Cialdini wrote a book titled Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. The six principles in the book have become highly influential and a cornerstone of strategies for sales, ma...

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What Can These Masters Teach You About Negotiation?

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-10-14 09:55:10 | Leadership

When media giant Viacom bought Black Entertainment Television (BET) for more than two billion US dollars in 2001, its founder Robert Johnson became the first African-American listed on the Forbes Bill...

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How to Work with Our Stone-Aged Brain, Not Against It

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-10-19 07:08:18 | Leadership

Homo sapiens (humans) have existed for at least 200,000 years, although our ancestry can be traced even earlier to 2 million years back. This means that, for the most part of human existence, we ha...

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11 Signs You’re a Leader Employees Despise

Posted by Samantha Seah | Published 2016-12-07 04:00:16 | Leadership

Do you possess the peculiar courage to ask your employees how you’re doing as a leader? Unfortunately, even if you do, chances are you aren’t going to get a straightforward and honest...

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