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Wellness, Fitness and Diet Basic Fitness - Kaa-Yaa | Posted on 2017-07-22 10:38:46 According to a survey over 50 percent of youth in our country are not physically active on a daily basis fitness. ... Read more.. 175
Wellness, Fitness and Diet Personalized Workout Tips - Kaa-Yaa | Posted on 2017-07-22 10:40:02 Every individual has his / her own fitness needs and motivation. Some wants to lose weight, some wants to gain weight and some wants to stay fit and maintain a toned, tri... Read more.. 136
Family Concerns Basic fitness: a need or a luxury? | Posted on 2017-08-20 01:22:42 Basic fitness starts with getting up early, keeping some out for the body to gain its presence of mind and body from the sleep and then to get back to working condition. ... Read more.. 651
Family Concerns Follow these workout tips and get the desired fitness | Posted on 2017-08-20 01:23:57 A lot of people apply for membership in some of the good gyms, but don’t follow the required set of rules due to which they never get the desired fitness. Here are... Read more.. 454