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GE Crops Continue to Proliferate Unchecked

Posted by Adrian Desbarats | Published 2012-04-09 22:07:18 | World Affairs

A short time ago the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that it has agreed to allow Forage Genetics International (FGI) to begin commercial planting of its genetically engineered (GE) alfal...

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Get Funny celebrity gossip to explore Hollywood’s life

Posted by form chaos | Published 2012-04-04 06:36:32 | World Affairs

Hollywood is the most popular platform where celebrity contributes their whole life in presenting their roles. We all love to discuss on their personal lives, what they wear, their movies, their eatin...

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Why Franklin Roosevelt Fascist Policies Will Make Deflation And The Greater Depression Worse

Posted by Delwyn Lounsbury | Published 2012-03-19 09:58:58 | World Affairs

Franklin Roosevelt fascist New Deal policies prolonged a recovery from the 1930's depression until it was twice as long as any in history The same policies that FDR tried and failed at are being carri...

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2012: End of the World?

Posted by Charlton Wells | Published 2012-03-06 20:43:55 | World Affairs

There seems to be a lot of theories when it comes to December 21,2012 that strikes fear into the hearts of a lot of people in society One of these theories is that the end of the world is coming on th...

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Myanmar - Top Heavy, Bottom Down and in the Wings of China

Posted by Ross Lamond. | Published 2012-02-17 20:16:49 | World Affairs

Having just returned to Australia (after being advised to get out of Myanmar before the elections results are posted), I want to comment on some observations while on a travel journey into this beauti...

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Creating a Powerful Presence by Bert Decker

Posted by Ben Sanderson | Published 2012-02-11 18:33:06 | World Affairs

Creating a Powerful Presence is a personal development book written by Bert Decker Bert Decker is a personal development coach and a communications trainer based out of San Francisco...

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Military Rules Of Engagement In Peace Mission

Posted by Kissinger Akugue | Published 2012-02-04 09:10:44 | World Affairs

To say that the rules of engagement in every peacekeeping mission be reviewed is an understatement A military peacekeeping mission is a combat operation by itself; therefore I see no reason why the UN...

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Japan High Prices to Buy Australian Rare Earth

Posted by Himfr Oreitta | Published 2012-01-31 19:50:27 | World Affairs

Japan and Australia signed a preliminary agreement to buy rare earth, and this strategic move aimed at reducing Japan to China, the world's leading producer of rare earth dependence For the Japanese ...

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New Round of RMB Appreciation to Make United States Mad

Posted by Frbiz Tian | Published 2012-01-31 18:58:20 | World Affairs

A new round of pressure on RMB appreciation struck again 29, prompted the Ministry of Commerce website warning that the United States Council is seeking the support of Senate leaders hope that the Tha...

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Market Worry Portugal and Spain

Posted by Himfr Tian | Published 2012-01-31 18:49:17 | World Affairs

28 EU member states Caichang night by a total of 85 billion euros rescue package in Ireland, so that the latter become the Greeks, the second debt crisis of sovereignty was forced to accept outside ai...

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Temperature Determine the Distance Between Life and Death

Posted by Himfr Paul | Published 2012-01-31 18:41:47 | World Affairs

In the new climate change summit held, it is necessary to re-review the control of carbon emissions (cap) this old account According to scientists, the current calculation, if you want the 2000 to 205...

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India Strong Economic Growth Help Reduce Deficit

Posted by Himfr Tian | Published 2012-01-31 18:13:35 | World Affairs

Headache on the fiscal deficit is not only Greece, Ireland, such European countries as the "BRIC", one of India's position in this regard are far from easy However, more fortunate than the former, the...

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Israel and Turkey – Old Friends and New Enemies

Posted by Leslie Hardy | Published 2012-01-30 15:49:17 | World Affairs

The recent downturn in relations between Turkey and Israel is a dramatic change to the warm relations that the two countries enjoyed until recently Turkey joined NATO in 1951, at the same time as Gre...

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